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By Dorae-ong

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Stop Child Abuse

Is it abuse if there is NO violence?

A very good question by UNICEF Malaysia.

Often we relate child abuse to physical violence like constant beatings that cause bruises, severe injuries or even deaths. However the fact is, besides physical child abuse, actions such as emotional child abuse, sexual child abuse and even child neglect are considered as part of child abuse.

For me, I do not wish to see any form of child abuse to happen again. No matter which type it is, they must ALL BE STOPPED!


According to Conventions on the Rights of the Child (CRC), anyone under 18 years old is considered as "children". Children at anywhere are entitled to basic human rights, just like anyone else living on this planet. They should be loved, cared and respected as individuals with rights regardless of age, gender and ethnicity.

Did you know that an average of 7 children in Malaysia suffered abuse everyday in 2008, and these are only reported cases. Many more experience abuse in silence and behind closed doors.
Abuse robs a child of their dignity. It can also leave invisible scars on children, their families and society that last lifetimes, if not generations.

As you can see, the number of child abuse cases have increased to an alarming state. If no actions are taken to stop these incidents, child abuse may affect children, families and society for GENERATIONS.

It is really not easy to get over child abuse. As we know, many adults who suffered from child abuse remain deeply affected disturbed in adult life. If no proper care and support are given to them to overcome their trauma, they may end up harming their own children, repeating the tragedy of his/her own abused childhood life. This cycle may continue on for generations which causes more harm to more people.

Therefore if you ever witness any of child abuse cases or know any of them happening, please be kind enough to report to the authorities. Call 15999 to report child abuse.

If not, you can be like me. Spread the word about movement to stop child abuse and create awareness among the public.

Always remember:

A child is not responsible for the abuse that he/she suffers.

The responsibility lies solely with the offender. All children should be treated equally like any other human. They are the future leaders of our country and our world. They should be allowed to live full and healthy lives, just like us.

If you think child abuse is a very horrible thing to commit and should be stopped, you can always create awareness and spread a word about it by writing up a post titled "Stop Child Abuse". Not only you are doing your part to stop this cruel act, you may even stand a chance to win a Sony Cybershot W190.

This is the courtesy of SONY Malaysia for those who want to help out more by sharing this campaign with your readers. For more details, please click here.

Besides that, visit to raise your hand, be counted and stop child abuse now!


Do your part. Get involved to stop child abuse. Let us create a brighter future for the children!


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sherril's Project 365: #50

Banana cheesecake, anyone? :p

I had a lovely and wonderful day :)

Did a bit of household chores and got ready for lunch. Pampered my prince charming with one of our favourite dining place. Nothing luxurious, yet very contented ♥

Then I spent the entire afternoon reading a novel which I have bought few months ago. Always love to spend some time by myself, running away from this busy world and engaged in a world of my own.

I am such an easily satisfied person. How I wish every of my Saturday can be like this.

But I know it is impossible. Therefore I cherish and savour every minute of today's time.

Hope you guys have a great weekend too~!


You say, what should I do?

I have always been wondering, what will my life be after graduation?

To be frank, I have no idea at all.

Or at least, no concrete plans except for work and travel program.

You can say I am lazy, as I do not wish to work after I graduate. Not so fast. I told my parents I want to further my studies after the work and travel program. I want to see the world, gain new exposure and experience in places other than Malaysia.

But if I were to further my studies, what should I study? Stick back to my field? Change to Business courses? Or go into something like psychology or forensic science? *sigh*

I have gave serious consideration about venturing in Computer Graphic, Imaging and Vision (CGIV) in South Korea if my application is successful. But.... I am a bit worried.

Is that suitable for me? Because I am not really interested in what I am doing now, but if I were to really go back into Engineering field, this will be my only and final choice. Serious.

I am really interested in it, but to be able to do well is another thing. I know I am worrying way too early because I have not even submitted my application and to be accepted is another thing. It depends on the professor whether he wants me or not. But based on my results, I kinda doubt la.

Haih. I spent 4 and a half years in uni yet I am still unsure about my future.

What should I do????


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sherril's Project 365: #49


Love is in the night air :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

6th Grade Graduation @ 平民小学, Batu Pahat

Tadaa~ That's me with Jun Jun, holding a graduation bear bear. It was a present to one of the kids.

Well, it was a spontaneous decision to attend this graduation ceremony. At first I have decided not to go because I had to work on Sunday till 9pm at Mid Valley. And the graduation was on Monday morning. How to go?

Then around 8pm on Sunday, suddenly I was informed that a friend will be driving down around 9pm something to Batu Pahat. Of course I was overjoyed because at least I was still left with a slight chance that I could tumpang that friend's car down.

After making several phone calls, finally I reached my friend. This super kind friend was willing to wait for me to finish work, and even agreed to fetch me from Yoon Sin's house in Kepong after I showered and packed my stuffs. (I stayed at Yoon Sin's house since Thursday night so that we both could go work more conveniently) The offer was so good, why not accept it, right? XD

So in the end, I made it to attend my yi di's (谊弟) graduation. Thank god~!

Reached around 2am and straight away went up to MC's room to sleep. Too tired because worked like mad for the entire day.

Anyway, here are the pictures of the graduation. Hope that these kids can do well in their upcoming high school days. Actually I am kinda worried about my yi di and yi mei. Really hope they can do fine.

Other friends who went as well

Basically the program flow of the ceremony was simple. Quite glad that when we reached it was already the end of speeches. Muahaha you know how we hate speeches. Long and boring.

So as usual, the program flow included prize giving ceremony.

My lil brother up on stage! (1st from left, front row)

And can you see the 2 tall girls at the row behind? I tell you, those 2 are girls are super smart and clever. When I flipped through the program flow book, their names appeared in almost all competitions held in school. Superb!

Then erm, there was a short break for those kids to change and make up while the teachers and parents had their morning tea break.

My yi mu & yi mei

Those kids were damn good in make up. Some I think were even better than me. *ashamed*

All of them, including every boy wanted to wear make up. I could not believe it when the guys came and asked for make up. *toink*

Me acting pro ^^

As you can see, what I could help them with was just putting on lipstick. The rest, I do not think I can handle it haha.

So after making a mess in the make up room, the program continued with performances by the students. There was cultural dance.

Singing performance by kindergarten kids.

Dance performance by the 6th grade students.

Choir performance.

That is my yi di's sister, also my lil sister. So cute! Haha before the choir started singing, she went solo a bit. Geng!

And then, it was time for photo taking session!

This is the group of us who attended the kids' graduation. The rest were working and could not make it. People, finally our lil brother and sister have graduated :)

To end this short trip, MC brought us to Soon Lai in Batu Pahat town for "kuay chap".

I swear it tasted nicer than the famous one in Penang. Maybe because the food was normal without any animal intestines. I hate those yucky stuffs.

And here's my favourite picture of the day...

Awww......aren't they cute? Hope to see them again, soon!


Sherril's Project 365: #46, #47 & #48

Sherril's Project 365: #46
Date: 12-11-2010

Teen Fest 2K10 @ Mid Valley

Anyone of you heard of Teen Fest 2K10 at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre?

Well, you probably don't know what it is, do you? Haha if it was not because I replaced my friend in a part time job in this fair, I would not even know about it either.

It was supposed to be a sort of festival for teenagers, full of online gaming booths with pretty showgirls and other chapalang booths selling stuffs ranging from clothes to laptops and cameras.

But based on my observations within these 3 days, nah, the crowds were mostly adults and families. Or you know, maybe those teenagers were there just for online gaming at another hall or were there just for Eken Cheng,郑伊健.

Anyway, my work required me to wear apple green T-shirt given by the company. Outside there are other competitors whose significant colours are yellow, purple and blue.

So, what was my job?


Sherril's Project 365: #47
Date: 15-11-2010

My yi di's (谊弟) graduation @ Batu Pahat

Seeing those kids going up the stage to receive their graduation scrolls made me think back the time when I was still 12 years old, just like them.

After 10 years, here I am as an Engineering undergraduate studying in UTAR. At that time, I have huge dreams. I wanted to further my studies in overseas. I told myself when I grew up I must be an artist because I was good in it. And if possible, I would like to tour around the world.

That were MY PLANS when I graduated from primary school and entered high school.

However after 5 years, I stopped drawing and eventually gave up the idea of being an artist. Due to some reasons and slight interest, I ventured into Engineering. And because I know that studying overseas needs a large amount of money, so I did not persist in completing my plans.

Thoughts and decisions changed as time passed by and we grew up.

I wonder, what those kids have in mind for their future? Will those plans go accordingly when they grow up?


Sherril's Project 365: #48
Date: 16-11-2010

My 1st pay!

After writing crazily for several days and nights, aha! This is my reward for my hard work and time spent in rushing those damn datelines!

I value this pay a lot because it was not earned easily. How much I wanted to give up in the middle of datelines, yet I still continue on.

I know more are coming up but I am prepared for it. If you want a fabulous reward, then you must work super hard to earn it.

Get going!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Just Feel Like Writing Something Here

Yes, I suddenly have the urge to do so. Write anything will do.

Did not do anything today except watching movie. Episode by episode. Ah, the feeling of having time by myself for the entire day was very precious. Though I have homework that must be passed up on Thursday, I guess I should just leave it aside first and use today to relax myself.

After all, last week I was goddamn busy. Not even had time to really rest. Too preoccupied with jobs.

While I was facebook-ing and blog reading just now, suddenly miss my friends a lot especially those who are in overseas. I wonder, when only I can meet all of them, together?

When? When? When?

Come back la people..... miss you guys alot!


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sherril's Project 365: #45

A pair of flats with a box of plasters

Life is sometimes like a pair of flats with a box of plasters.

No matter how well we know that something, someone or some place is not suitable for us, yet we still want to put our heads in it, thinking that maybe someday we can manage to do well. In the end, we got hurt and bruised everywhere, mentally and physically. At that time we still continue on, but realize that we need to shield ourselves from being hurt further.

Well, I will not say that continue on is stupid because who knows, someday we may really be successful. Like the flats, they may hurt at the very beginning. But as you wear them, they become softer and softer. When the time comes, you can wear them as much as you like without needing plasters anymore because the flats can no longer hurt you.

Therefore I always believe that hardships may be suffering at first, but they can always make us stronger and tougher.

Have faith in yourself and do not give up!


Sherril's Project 365: #44

For this second, I feel like celebrating.
For a moment, I want to forget about my dictionary, my stopwatch and my computer.
I feel like thrashing these gadgets away, forever.
But I know I can't.
Life still goes on and I still need them in the coming days.

Time is so much precious to me right now.
I need more than 24 hours a day to complete whatever I need to do.
All because my brain works slower than the rest.

But I am sure, after a few more challenges it can work faster.
Gambate, Sherril Leow.
You can do it.
You MUST can do it.

Gonna sleep now, at 6.13a.m.


Sunday, November 07, 2010

Sherril's Project 365: #43

Say "I LOVE Kaspersky" and get one free popcorn.

Haha because of that, I learned from Boon Cheng how to cook popcorn when I was working in Kaspersky Security Campaign in Low Yat. Ever since I was kid I have always wondered how corn can pop. And now I know, corn can really pop! It can even hurt you if you're careless!

For the entire week, I played different roles. Cooked popcorn, explained to customers how to play wind chamber, helped customers with redemption and forms filling and lastly, helped in doing sales. I was placed under Marketing department, so sales was not my main role.

See our no.1 badminton player in the picture above?

Yea I know there is nothing special about it, but that was the 1st time I saw Dato' Lee Chong Wei real in person but not in badminton court. He and Jackie Chan are both spokespersons for Kaspersky Anti-Virus. How I wish it was Jackie Chan who came hehe =)

This fair made me realize that seriously there are all sorts of people, especially customers in this world. Types that you do not believe will exist actually exist. But one the nicest person I have met was my little leader - Mr. Sunny! I bet everyone loves him.

No wonder he is from Penang. Because Penangites are very friendly, just like me! =)


Saturday, November 06, 2010

My Deepavali Holiday in Penang

First of all I would like to apologize for not updating as frequently as I should. Well, been very busy working during the previous week. Then when I had time to rest, I started to get lazy hehe.

Anyway, I came back Penang on Thursday evening. It was a very sudden decision because initially I wanted to work during the weekend in PC Expo. But in the end friends became my priority so I came back =) My BFFs all are here so I guess I should just sacrifice and come back. Kesian Kuak alone in KL. Haha

Well before I continue, I would like to wish Jhu darling a very Happy Birthday again! Leng Lui Jhu, wish you will have a good year ahead ya =)

Now it is Yee Yee's turn.

Ah Yee!!! Thank you so much for taking the trouble to fetch me. Kamsia kamsia. You are really the best hehe. Though you "粗话连篇” during the journey, I did not mind. Love you!! *mwah*

Well if it's not because of Ah Yee, I would not have been able to meet up with the rest for dinner, yum cha and overnight. Though we were very late for dinner, but I hope you guys were not mad at us. She has really tried her best to be as early as possible. After we had Nyonya food for dinner, we headed to Zenzi Bar for girls' talk session. Erm, not entirely girls' talk la, because Kenny was there as well. Unless he wants to be jimui with us haha.

Not an alcoholic night for us because we do not really drink, except Vivi and Ah Yee. So it was good because no rashes for me, we reached home safely and everyone was conscious, just slightly sleepy.

Fernie and Kenny with our Apple Cardi

As usual, Fernie talked about her recent funny incidents. This time it is about her slip in my Setapak house toilet. Kinda felt bad about that incident because initially she just wanted to borrow my toilet for some business when she went to my house. Who knows in the end she was trapped in it because the lock became loose and while we were trying to break the knob off, she accidentally slipped and hurt her back. I felt bad because I think I should have warned her about the lousy door lock of my house. Sorry fernie..... but you had fun in X-ray, didn't you? =)

Us - BFFs (I think I am starting to age, like real fast)

Slightly before 11pm, when the crowd started to pack the entire place of UPR, we left the place. Haha driver was tired and we were not really into this kind of night life. All except Vivi. So she stayed back for second round with her friends while we headed towards Ah Yee's house to overnight.

Those who were there for girls' talk session

As usual Yee's parents and sister always treat us nicely. Her da jie treated us breakfast. Then for lunch we had delicious home cooked porridge with thirst quenching watermelon juice. Really nice of them. Thank you!

Met up with Vivi around evening at Winter Warmers and had high tea with the girls and their bf's.

Chatted casually again while waiting for food. Mostly were craps. Quite in a hurry because we reached late and had to leave early. But still, we made it to meet up for the last time before we parted and back to KL. Gonna miss the girls. Really.

That's Chris on the right

In case you're wondering what we had for high tea

Fernie, you promised to bring me and Yee out in KL! So.... you better keep your promise =) Waiting to go shopping with you all!!!!!!!

Basically my Deepavali weekend went like this. Gonna stay home tomorrow to complete my script because once I am back in KL, I gotta rush for my 1st lab report. (I really feel that the subject I take this semester is something crap and non-useful) Plus, my supervisor is waiting for us to update him about our FPY progress in weekly basis.

Great. Gonna have a busy semester. Hope I can cope with it~~