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By Dorae-ong

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sherril's Project 365: #22

All the way from Malacca

Yes, it came all the way from Malacca and was given to me by my housemate. Everyone in the house got to choose their favourite piece and I instantly fall in love with this.

This cute tiny 1-sided clogs has the chance to join my key-chain family which consists of key chains from everywhere, all souvenirs from friends when they went travelling / outing,

Thank you peeps... a small gift will indeed make me happy, at least it shows that you guys still remember about me even if you are out travelling. Ah ha!

p/s: updated late


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sherril's Project 365: #21

Aren't they cute?

I love how these cute lil soft toys look in this picture. The smiles on their faces make me feel good and refreshed.

We can be like them, smiling away happily be it sunny or rainy days. But sometimes, we choose not to do so. Why? I am not too sure... because I myself is one of those who will have gloomy days with no smile throughout the day.

Maybe it is the pressure that has overtaken me or maybe I am just down about some things. I choose not to smile because I know even if I smile, I will still look not fine. So why fake it?

As long as I can recollect my mood as fast as possible, I think it should not be a big deal =)

Anyway, say "cheese" and smile with these cute lil soft toys!

p/s: updated late


Friday, August 13, 2010

Sherril's Project 365: #20


17 tickets of...

The Expendables

Today is movie day for me and my coursemates!

Well, this is the second time (after Transformer 2) we went movie in such a huge group. Altogether


17 people!

Maybe we had high expectations for this movie, because we ended up feeling that this movie was just so-so. Not as good as we thought. For those who have watched this movie, what do you think of it?

Anyway, it was good to gather everyone for movie to relax after a hectic week of schedule =)

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sherril's Project 365: #19

Clear blue sky

Had my usual weekly FYP discussion with our supervisor today. To make our FPY outcome clearer, Dr Tay decided to change our topic, though this new topic still have some relations with the previous topic.

Our new topic is titled "3D Object Reconstruction Using Multiple-View Geometry". My part will be about SIFT detection while shyuan's is the reconstruction part.

Sigh. 3 more weeks left for us to complete and hand in our 1st FYP report and now... we can say that we must start all over again. Anyway, this topic is quite interesting and it is something that we are really interested in so yea, hope that we can really produce some outcome at the end of this FYP =)

All the best to us! I hope that I will see a very clear blue sky like the picture above in FYP because now everything seems cloudy.


p/s: updated late

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sherril's Project 365: #18

Journal papers for FYP =(

Today is not a bright day for me. In fact, I am quite moody and very tired. Guess it is because I am lack of sleep in the previous nights to rush for assignment datelines and test.

And in this kind of state, I have to read journals for FYP. This is really torturing.

Argh.... I wish my FYP thing can end soon. Though the title is interesting, but sometimes I can barely find time to do research and tryout the codings.

My target is to complete this thing in my next 3 months semester break. Hopefully, we can finish it then!


Sherril's Project 365: #17

Me & You

Happy 4th anniversary!

I enjoyed my day, thank you! Though our celebration was not anything special, but to be able to spend my day with you was already more than enough.

The pendant of 3 years reminds me that I am like it, not walking alone because it has another half that completes it =)


Monday, August 09, 2010

Sherril's Project 365: #16

This time it is Uruguay!

This is the 3rd charm I collected from Jack & Jill Chips. Not really a fan of the chips, but for charm's sake, I bought them =)

However the URUGUAY charm was not from my chips. It was given by my housemate because he was more interested in chips rather than the charm. Haha thanks a lot!! (although URUGUAY was not my favourite team)

Hoping to get Japan the next time I buy the chips while stock last!


Sunday, August 08, 2010

Sherril's Project 365: #15


I was the champion for badminton competition in UTAR Sports Carnival!!

Muahaha... I am joking obviously because I did not even join the badminton match. How to win? Lol.

But this year a bit special as I joined tug-of-war. Yea, out of all events I chose tug-of-war. Why? Because my beloved housemate asked all of us to join.

Though our team lost, the other team from FES won the tug-of-war competition. They have created history in Sports Carnival because FES has never won tug-of-war before. So do not siao siao and look down on FES students. We may be engineering and science students, but our sports is not that bad!

Anyway, the "prize presentation" was a fake one. But even if I tell you it is a real one you will not believe it, right?


Sherril's Project 365: #14

Guess whose hand are these?

I think most of you will not get the answer right because.....

No one will have ever thought that Shyuan would be the one painting my nails with nail polish! And most importantly, she has nail polish on her fingernails as well as toenails =)

This is indeed something worth remember. She, from a girl who never really cares about her hair, never wears skirt, no nail polish, no make up and no other things that a typical girl will do, has started to accept these changes.

Well, though she was quite reluctant at the beginning, she was willing to gave in after we persuaded her like hell. She used to never give in no matter how hard we force her, but now... she has transformed!

Let us welcome my beloved cousin, Shyuan to a more girlish world!


Friday, August 06, 2010

Sherril's Project 365: #13

We are pretty girls!!

Haha just joking.. they are pretty, but I am not. So yea, count me out ^^

Attended the appreciation dinner for National Mathematics Competition 2010 at Hometown Steamboat. Well I never really like that place though it is always full of customers, but since it is free, why not attend it? Hehe..

This dinner reminded me about the appreciation dinner for UTAR Ball 2010. I somehow enjoyed that dinner more. Maybe because the committee for UTAR Ball are closer as we worked together for a period of time, while for NMC, we worked separately.

Anyway, enjoyed working with you guys! And I had the chance to work and caught up with my ex high school classmate, Sandra (Sin Hong).


Thursday, August 05, 2010

Sherril's Project 365: #12

Best Friends

Having them as my best friends in my uni life is something that I am grateful for.

Our friendship is simple yet strong, without conflicts and politics whereby we can talk to each other about anything, anything deep from heart.

I love you girls! Thank you for making my chapters of uni life colourful. I enjoyed tonight's dinner =)


Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Sherril's Project 365: #11

They are Tzyy and Xian

Hi everyone, let me introduce our new house members. Their names are Tzyy (pronounced as tze) and Xian XD

The names were given by my housemate because the owner of the tortoises is Tzyy Shyuan, my beloved cousin =) The tortoises were present from my cousremates in replacement of her hamsters.

Though we no longer have hamsters to play with, now we can bully her tortoises. Yay!!!

Hopefully, they can survive till she graduates =)


Goodbye, Hua Loong!

He, is the main character of this post. His name is Hua Loong.

I am not very close to Hua Loong, but he was once a frequent visitor to our house in the previous semesters. Back then he used to come over to do maths as our maths whiz was there to help him. According to him, if he stayed at home, he would never study but DOTA whole day. Well, that's true. So we thought, why not allow him to come since he was always quiet while doing homework? Plus, he always brought over nice movies ^^

My 1st impression towards this guy was - he was very lansi. But as you get to know him better you will know that he just acts cool. Haha... do not be fooled by his outlook lol. He may not be very good in studies, but he is seriously very good in singing. Many of us think that he should just enter the music industry, but his family does not support his interest. So... too bad la.

Today was his last day in KL. 9 of us in 2 cars sent him off to LCCT.

Guess who is the driver?

He took AirAsia back to Miri, together with his sister.

Took lots of photos before he checked in. Just realized I have not taken much photos with him though we did hang out with that bunch of friends for numerous times.

With the main character

The Penang girls who sent him off!

KF dropped tears when Hua Loong checked in. Guess he felt really sad as Hua Loong is his best friend in uni, despite what has happened between them 1 semester ago.

Anyway, he will be back next year, most probably after CNY. If not I think this should be the last time I could see him before I graduate. Hope that he can do better in TARC when he comes back next year. Gambate!

After seeing him off, we went Serdang to have our dinner.

Ordered the usual affordable dishes and started eating hungrily. Before that, we have snacked 4 packets of chips in the car. Really, we were too hungry.

5 dishes and 1 soup

Upon completing this meal, the mischievious guys forced Ah Lai who dislikes vege to eat the vegetables. Kesiannya....

After footing the bill, we strolled over to "The Heritage", which is a building opposite The Mines shopping center.

Quite a nice place, but too bad it was dark at night and I could not see the lake well. Heard from them that the water is clear and there are even swans on it!

Before heading home, we took a group photo of our housemates. Unfortunately, Chian was not in the picture because when we went out of house, she was still working. Sorry ah Chian!

If you really want to be in the pic, we can always tag you as the froggie.... so how, Chian? Want to be in the pic? XD


Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Sherril's Project 365: #10

The crazy group in LCCT

Friends come and go in our lives. Some may always stay beside us for entire life, some may just leave us to somewhere else to lead a better life, or some may just even leave us, forever.

The group of friends that I have in the picture shown above, are friends of 'mix and match', if you understand what I am trying to say. We did not form a group just like this and not everyone knows everyone else very well, but still we hang out, joked and had fun together. We may come from different batches and different courses, but we have something in common that connected us together. That is why this friendship is something worth to be treasured.

Hua Loong, we hope that you can always excel in everything in your life, especially in your singing! Do not forget us when you become famous one day XD Take care and hope to see you soon!


Monday, August 02, 2010

Sherril's Project 365: #9

Machine Vision notes

Did nothing much today except napping and studying Machine Vision. Tomorrow is MV mid term so gotta study hard. Not sure how will the questions be, but I think they will not be too easy.

All the best people!

p/s: Should really master this subject because if I really make up my mind to further my studies in engineering field, this or other related fields shall be what I will want to venture into.


Soo Yee's Belated 22nd Birthday Celebration

Soo Yee's birthday was weeks ago but we did not manage to celebrate for her because she was in Melbourne during her actual big day. So today was her belated birthday celebration. Well she did not mind as long as we celebrated for her, right babe? XD

Did not really plan a lot ahead before this day, but I did ask around for some nice dining places. In the end we decided to dine in Kissaten @ Jaya One, PJ. The food was not bad, but I like their service more. Super friendly waiters and waitresses who are always there to help you out with CHARMING smiles. Love it!

Anyway, what made this celebration a bit different from the previous ones was the cake that we gave her. Well, it might be an ordinary cake, but the wordings and decorations were actually designed by us - Me and Fernie. You gotta check this outlet out if you feel like decorating the cake yourself for your special someone =)

The name of this outlet is Pastry Culture which is located inside Tropicana City Mall. We had tons of fun decorating it. Though the deco and wordings were not perfectly done, but they looked cute and unique... the most important thing is, Yee Yee loves it very very much! Hehe.. So now let the pictures do the talking!

The name of the outlet - Pastry Culture

DIY Cakes - Decorate It Yourself

The process, from decoration-less to a lovely decorated cake!

Notice the centre picture which consists of the cake, some fruits on the left and decoration pieces on the right? Well those were provided by Pastry Culture plus 3 cream colours for us to write wordings on top of the cake. Though the items provided were like leftover sums, but still we enjoyed the process of doing it ^^
Look at the pictures below and you will know how much effort and love we put in to decorate this cake for yee yee!


Upon completing the cake, me, kuak, fernie and kenny set off to Jaya One to meet Hon Sern and Yee Yee. Altogether 3 cars. So un-environmental friendly =_=

Kissaten @ Jaya One, PJ

It was my couson who recommended this restaurant. She told me that the "Char Siew Pizza" is a must-order-food, so we ordered it. Not bad I would say, and would order again if I am going there again.

The pretty birthday girl!

The gang who celebrated with her

Oops!! Haha if Yee was to read this post, she is going to kill me for sure. To prevent that from happening, I must clarify that Yee and Hon Sern are not couple. Hehe

Vivi is missing, again..

♥♥ Mwah!! ♥♥

Yee Yee, hope that you really enjoyed this dinner with a mini celebration. It was great catching up with you guys, and I can't wait for our next gathering to come !

Once again, Yee Yee, Happy 22nd Birthday!


Sunday, August 01, 2010

Sherril's Project 365: #8

A very unique birthday cake for Yee Yee

Some people may say, "Practice makes perfect, but nothing is perfect. So why bother to practise?"

Well it's true that nothing is perfect, but we can always try our best to make things to near perfect, isn't it? After all, it is the effort that matters the most, right?

Just like the cake above. The decorations and wordings obviously were not perfectly done, but they were mine and Fernie's effort. We put lots of ♥♥♥ and effort in completing it while enjoying the entire process. In the end, Yee Yee still love it and I bet it is a memorable cake not just for her, but all of us.

So, we may not make things perfect even if we have tried our best, but the process of making it to near perfect may be one that we will not forget in our lives. Agree?