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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

張家界、長江三峽之旅 (Preview)

china zhangjiajie

Hello people! How are you guys doing lately? Muahaha I have just came back from China yesterday. Very tiring yet  very recharged!

I could see that my last blog post was dated 12 May. So sorry for not updating often. After finals I was busy packing and moving my stuffs back to Penang. Then my bro went down KL and I was busy being his driver. After that was our annual family trip to China and this time we went Zhangjiajie 張家界 and Changjiang Sanxia 長江三峽.

The vacation was 10 days long. We took flights, travelled long hours on buses, stayed four nights on 5 star cruise, walked and climbed up hills and steps and took boat rides to have better view of sceneries. Hotels that we stayed were superb and food was great but got very disgusting in the end because the food was almost the same especially on cruise.

Most importantly, we have added a brand new chapter of China’s partial history and culture into our book of knowledge. Time to do more research and tidy up my notes that I have jotted down during the journey.

And the best part is, we together as a big family (16 of us) have once again travelled together, spent great time together and made new friends at the same time. I absolutely love the time we spent together and will cherish those moments.

I really ♥ my family Smile

Will endure my 1st backpacking experience with friends next week and am now busy planning my part of schedule. Thus, most probably will blog about my China trip after my backpacking trip!

Take care people! ♥