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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

♥ Christmas Feel in Genting ♥

Reindeer and Santa Claus made of mineral water bottles. *impressed*

Hello peeps!

Finally finished working for this holiday. PIKOM Digital Lifestyle Expo was the last fair I worked before coming back Penang this morning. No more work (except script writing) for the remaining sem break because I need to really concentrate in my FYP. My supervisor's gonna kill me soon if I still have not much progress to report. *sigh*

Anyway, anyone of you went to Genting recently? The weekend before the fair I went up there to meet my family and relatives. We attended a relative's wedding dinner in Kuantan so stayed overnight in Genting for 2 nights.

For this Christmas, the decorations in Genting are made of recyclable materials such as cardboards, discs, mineral water bottles and water dispensers. Really love the deco. Awesome!



Look at this 45-foot Christmas Tree. It is made of 1074 pieces of 5 gallon water dispensers sponsored by Spritzer. Very nice :)


And this is me, trying to hold the Christmas Tree decoration.

We cousins did crazy snapshots with the spotlights. Look at the most right picture and look closely at my cousin's expression. I totally love it haha.

This is the only small kid who still played the "ting ting" machine. Up until today I still do not get it why he loves the game so much. All he got were the cards, which were quite useless. But he played and sweated like hell, and spent more than 100 bucks just for this game. Haih, kids nowadays.....

We even watched an amazing magic show with many other awesome performances by Glitz at The Pavilion.

Interior of The Pavilion

Really had a nice weekend with my big family :) Going outing with them is always fun, memorable and precious.

Bestie cousin

Our beloved grandma

And our lovely mischievous kiddie cousin

Hoping to join our Leow family annual trip next year with these lovely people again :)