Sherril's favourite quote....

" that we can do great things in future"

By Dorae-ong

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sherril's Project 365: #45

A pair of flats with a box of plasters

Life is sometimes like a pair of flats with a box of plasters.

No matter how well we know that something, someone or some place is not suitable for us, yet we still want to put our heads in it, thinking that maybe someday we can manage to do well. In the end, we got hurt and bruised everywhere, mentally and physically. At that time we still continue on, but realize that we need to shield ourselves from being hurt further.

Well, I will not say that continue on is stupid because who knows, someday we may really be successful. Like the flats, they may hurt at the very beginning. But as you wear them, they become softer and softer. When the time comes, you can wear them as much as you like without needing plasters anymore because the flats can no longer hurt you.

Therefore I always believe that hardships may be suffering at first, but they can always make us stronger and tougher.

Have faith in yourself and do not give up!


Sherril's Project 365: #44

For this second, I feel like celebrating.
For a moment, I want to forget about my dictionary, my stopwatch and my computer.
I feel like thrashing these gadgets away, forever.
But I know I can't.
Life still goes on and I still need them in the coming days.

Time is so much precious to me right now.
I need more than 24 hours a day to complete whatever I need to do.
All because my brain works slower than the rest.

But I am sure, after a few more challenges it can work faster.
Gambate, Sherril Leow.
You can do it.
You MUST can do it.

Gonna sleep now, at 6.13a.m.