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By Dorae-ong

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Last 3 Days of Y3S3

Fooh! Just back from "vocal training" session at Red Box, The Gardens. The last 3 days of my final semester of Year 3 were mainly spent with my 下乡 (xia xiang) friends. Let these 3 days be the celebrations for them for completing their thesis and my boost juice to study hard for finals =)

Wednesday night we went all the way up to Kampar campus, again. But this time we only spent around 2 and a half hours with our juniors. Then had yam cha session before proceeding to Yen Wen's house to overnight. Dear, thanks for sparing us a room to 'sampat' ya!

Yen Wen (right) - the one always being bullied by evil Keat

The journey back to Yen Wen's house at Tanjung Malim was scary. Keat's little green car was a bit naughty and nearly broke down on the highway around 1 something in the morning! Lol.. Keat, you should really go and have your car checked!! Uncle Chua very old already so he cannot be scared too much ^^

Uncle Chua who practically sleeps just anywhere!

That night gossiped with Voon Fei till we heard some "singing" from the mosque nearby. Sweat. Was already 6am and we were supposed to wake up at 7am. Thought of sleeping for an hour, but by the time I opened my eyes it was already 9am.... and my only tutorial class on Thursday was at 9am. Great. Missed another class.

Eventually everyone woke up and was busy helping Yew with his thesis. He was even more 'geng'. That morning before we departed around 11 something, he told us he actually had a presentation in the morning. He missed it. Wow.. really really 'pei fu'.

So happy because they finally completed their thesis ^^

Tried to study hard on Thursday but slept quite a lot as well since I did not have much sleep the night before. Haha this is so terrible as we planned to have vocal session today. Haih. Shall try my best not to waste anymore time after today. I am sure I can do it as I have started to feel the pressure.

Sigh. Time really flies. These friends are going to graduate soon.

They and my housemates remind me that soon it will be my turn to choose my FYP title and write thesis. *sob sob* I DO NOT WANT TO WRITE THESIS!!!!

Anyway, any suggestions about choosing FYP title or advisor?

All UTAR-ians, gambate!