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" that we can do great things in future"

By Dorae-ong

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Insane . Me .

Nowadays, I do not tear so easily anymore. Should I say I have become tougher? Or am I just hiding my emotions, trying not to make matter worse?

Whatever it is, I just know that no matter how well I control my emotions and tears, deep inside myself I am yelling and crying like hell.

Insane, right?

But there are times that you know you should just keep your mouth shut rather than expressing your true feelings. And that was exactly how I felt whenever things like that happened. Shut my mouth up and try very hard to ignore the hard feelings I was feeling and just move on with a bright smile.

Guess I was doing pretty well most of the time because when I put on the smile, I tend to forget the sadness and anger in me. Then things became better and no more doom days.

But somehow today the plan did not work. Guess I was just too hurt and disappointed.


Thank god rationality has taken over my feelings. So now I am back to normal, hoping tomorrow will be a better day.

And I bet it will really be a better day.

Kinda tired now. Maybe I should turn in to bed earlier.

Good night everyone!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cameron Trip

Supposedly after my previous final examination I should have followed my ex-housemates to Cameron before I went to Kampar for 2 weeks. However the timing was not right so I ended up going back Penang for 2 days to celebrate my mum's birthday.

During the preparation period for "xia xiang" (筹备营) we planned a trip to Cameron as our last trip together. Therefore after sending our juniors off, we set off to Cameron without making any reservations. Everything was just, spontaneous!'

Took group picture with the juniors before they set off

Took bus from Kampar to Tapah, had lunch and took bus from Tapah to Cameron. The latter journey took us about 3 hours, as it was a "bas berhenti-henti", not an express bus. Whatever it is I do not mind, since this trip was supposed to be a budgeted trip =)

Found a quite nice 3 rooms and 2 bathrooms apartment when we reached the terminal bus.

Rainforest Apartment (ours was the ground floor front lot)

I would recommend this apartment as it is quite spacious and was able to fit the 10 of us perfectly at a reasonable price. RM360 for 2 nights! Besides that, plates, bowls, pans and cutlery were provided and was even a BBQ pit with BBQ sticks! All we needed to do was to buy ingredients.

View outside the apartment

And we even had a "gardener"! XD

However bear in mind that once in a while you might be able to see cockroaches passing by you. And yeah, there was this annoying cat which would jump into the house through windows. Somehow it was not scared of human and the worst thing was, it ate Shyuan's Michael (hamster).

Yes, you heard me right. It ate Michael but did not swallow. The bundled dead body was found the next day. So disgusting, isn't it?

But besides this incident, the house is quite nice =)

A very special looking spider building its cobweb

After resting for a while, we walked out to the shops and explore the area.

Small little town

Happily eating ice-cream when it was quite cold over there

As we passed by 4D shop, we decided to buy a number to try out our luck. That was my 1st experience stepping into this kind of shop and bought the 1st number in my life.


Our 1st dinner in Cameron - Steamboat

During night time, our only entertainment besides playing cards was watching Pink Panther in Cartoon Network. Childish huh? Hehe we are still kids anyway XD

The silly Pink Panther

Despite Michael's misfortune, we still had fun the next day with our day tour. Well, we went to only a few places as we just wanted to relax ourselves.

First stop: Rose Garden

There are many kinds of flowers in Rose Garden. And that was where we shot our personalized MV =) Was tagged in Facebook so you guys can check it out. But I guess the song is only familiar to those who joined "xia xiang" before.

When these 2 flowers combined, they formed a pretty "butterfly" shape

Lady Shoe flower, don't you agree with the name?

Happy family ^^

Second stop: Strawberry Farm

I tell you, I am a strawberry lover but I hate almost every food and drink with strawberry flavour because they will normally taste like antibiotic. However, the jam, pancakes, strawberry pure juice and strawberry shake in strawberry farm were awesome! They tasted nothing like medicine!!! Haha totally fall in ♥♥♥♥♥♥ with them.

Third stop: BOH Tea Plantation

Were brought along to BOH tea factory tour before we ended up in this cafeteria with breathtaking tea plantation view.

Cute Yew ^^

Fourth stop: Cactus Valley

Well, that was our final stop for the half day tour. After purchasing some lil cactus as souvenirs, we went for lunch, which was then interrupted with the news that our results were released. Great. Totally spoilt our mood.

When we reached our apartment, some went to sleep, some were texting friends about results, trying to access the intranet for results, playing cards, flying kites and some were even blowing bubbles.

For example, Shu Jun. She was blowing away love bubbles to her darling hehe.

In the evening, we went shopping for groceries for BBQ. That night, it was my 1st experience to wear a jacket while BBQ-ing and yet still shivering with cold. So, can you imagine how cold was it that night??

So, basically that was how my trip went. Everything was fresh to me because the last time I went was when I was still a lil kid with not much memories. Appreciated every moment with them and I hope we still get to meet each other in the future. Take care everyone!!!

♥ Love you peeps ♥


Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Finally, I have changed my blog to a private blog.

I have come to this decision after discussing with my friends. Guess this shall be the best option for the time being. Though this blog was never meant to be private one as I wish to know more bloggers out there, but still this decision has to be made.

Some may know what happened but some may not. Whatever it is, I hope that by keeping my personal blog private for the time being, those disturbing incidents will not happen again. By the way, everyone, thanks for the support all this while. Really appreciate it.

Gonna constantly update my blog since it is now free from disturbance . Hehe... so till here first! Gotta get back to my FYP stuffs!


Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Enough is enough!!!

One's patience is limited. Chances have been given to stop all this disgusting nonsense. If it still persists, I am sorry but I have to say, I will take action (bear in mind not only me but my friends as well) in order to stop it. It's harassment and it is very disturbing!

SO, STOP IT!!!!!! And do not try to bother my friends anymore!


Friday, June 04, 2010

2010年拉曼大学第一届社区服务团协调团 (金宝总院)- Part 1



9 天的筹备营 (金宝拉曼大学,E009)
送团员们上巴士后就开始3 天2夜的金马伦悠闲旅游记
参加他们激励营的开幕典礼后开始2 天2夜的怡保旅游记
之后,我们还是回到了金宝召开检讨会,选了新一届的协调员然后就是交棒仪式 (传承)


感觉上金宝贴海报,做宣传,面试,团员大会,工作坊,筹备营,激励营开幕典礼,检讨会,选新一届的协调团等活动才刚发生。可是仔细地想,原来这一路来我们身为金宝拉曼大学社区服务团的第一届协调员已经一起走过了半年。合作了半年,有的甚至是第二度合作,大家的感情当然变得更好,还真的很不舍得大家。当总协调-维杰宣布第一团正式解散时,心里还真的有很多感触。 虽然解散代表着我们已成功完成我们的任务,但同时也代表着我们很快的就会与彼此分开。唉,真难过。

1 - 总协调员:维杰
2 - 秘书协调员:雁雯
3 - 财政协调员:方豪
4 - 纪律协调员:岳宏
5 - 联谊股协调员:淑君
6, 7 - 辅导股协调员:文霏,明川
8, 9 - 宣传股协调员:雪乐,文耀
10 - 美化股协调员:紫贤
11 - 学术股协调员:嘉俊


9天的筹备营一点都不简单。从早忙到晚,有人笑,有人哭,有人生病,有人说要退团。 但是到后来大家还是坚强地完成筹备营,也终于下乡成功了。是缘分,兴趣,理想和一份重要的使命把大家聚在一起,也是这些理由让这些下乡人不管再累也坚持要继续走下去。下乡人,你们都是伟大的人!

哎哟糟糕,又开始想到大家了。其实这个时候,uncle chua 和明川已经在房间里呼呼大睡,搞不好uncle chua还在喂蚊子呢!淑君呢就比较可怜,还在她的联谊那儿陪他们练舞。最幸福的是ah keat, 文耀, 雁雯,文霏,紫贤和我,因为我们都应该还趴在客厅的地上,一边看“浪漫满屋”,一边骂那个死鬼“整容”。哈哈。


好啦,该睡了。不然明天那个老人又要骂我们协调员本身没有纪律 =)