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By Dorae-ong

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Lovely Memories

So last few days I stayed in Penang to accompany my brother. Time flies so fast. He was actually back here for a month already! Just sent him off back to Brisbane early at 5am this morning. *sob sob*


penang komtar

View of Komtar



Some colourful houses that we passed by


Friday was sort of a gathering for us cousins. 5 of us went dim sum, then followed my brother to buy Nikon D3100 (which I am using now as well). The weather was super hot so my brother generously treated us a cold sweety meal at Haagen Dazs!

Believe it or not, it was my first time dining there. This kind of ice-cream is too luxurious for me. But my brother wanted to treat us so of course choose something expensive Smile

photoshoot 03062011

Yummy IndulgenceSmile with tongue out


photoshoot 030620111

Chocolate chips, tiramisu and rum & raisin



Cousin and brother


Everyone commented that I look like my brother especially when we smile. Hmm, same meh?????



3 D3100 users among 5 of us haha


After that, we started our scheduled plan, which was to take some portrait photos for my cousin, WC at Straits Quay. So Shyuan and I tried for the 1st time with our D3100 to do portrait photoshoot.

By the way, I am not a pro photographer so please do not compare with others. Pictures below are just for sharing purpose Smile


straights quay

Straits quay entrance


Sherril's Project 365

The colourful decorations


straights quay 2

View 1


straights quay 3

View 2

straights quay 5

View 3


straights quay 6

View 4



The 2 of us, Sherril and Shyuan through WC’s sunglasses



Shyuan, the pro one


Now let me introduce my another cousin, WC! Most of you only know Shyuan through my blog or friends of circle. Now below this pretty girl is also one of my cousin. Another siao cha bo among us Open-mouthed smile

greenish 9



greenish 10



greenish 7

My favourite pic of all for the day!


The last few days were very precious to me because first of all my brother was still in Malaysia and went crazy with us, Secondly it has been a while since we 3 girls hang out together together with her sister! Apart from these, I actually helped my grandma to prepare some ingredients for “bak zhang" and played with my little niece and nephew.

I can just say, everything was perfect!

Family is always the best, isn’t it? ♥♥





Till here! Gotta get ready and head to airport. My 1st backpacking journey starts tomorrow!Winking smile


CheersRed heart