Sherril's favourite quote....

" that we can do great things in future"

By Dorae-ong

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

So, what have I been up to lately?

Like some people say I am currently in Smile

Well, actually that is not entirely true. I was previously at home clearing off rubbish, an amount of rubbish that noone can imagine. Things that have been kept for N years yet useless in the future should all go into the rubbish bin. Noone will spend time clearing except me, before I found a job.

After that, I followed Kuak back to Alor Setar for a few days.

Yeah, you heard me right, Alor Setar, a place that is not fun at all. But, with him around everything seems fun Smile

So cut the crap and I will just briefly update what I have done.

#1 Savoured food of Alor Setar. Still ok la.

alor setar

Laksa | Chendol | Popiah | Rojak

#2 Celebrated Kuak’s friend’s birthday @ Rock Cafe.

happy birthday

Choc ice-cream cake

#3 Watched Transformers @ Big Cinema.

Damn those parents who ignored their kids making noises in the cinema, disturbing the audience. Such inconsiderate people!

#4 Celebrated Ah Yee’s birthday right after I came back. First stop was to have lunch at Rainbow Modern Cuisine Restaurant @ Tanjung Bungah. It is just apposite Ah Yee’s house actually haha.

rainbow modern cuisine restaurant

Reasonable priced food yet delicious!

uno cards

Played UNO cards =_=

uno stacker

#5 Had tea with the girls @ Winter Warmers. Usually we went there when having tea with Yee because she has a member card lol.

charcoal cake from bread history

Charcoal cake

soo yee's birthday at winter warmers 2

Ah Yee, the birthday girl

soo yee's birthday at winter warmers 5

soo yee's birthday at winter warmers 4

soo yee's birthday at winter warmers

soo yee's birthday at winter warmers 3

Ah Yee | Me | Vivian

Kinda miss Fernie because there was only 3 of us. Fernie, if you read this post then be sure to know that I MISS YOU!!!!!!! I miss our gatherings when I was still in KL Sad smile

After that had dinner with Kuak before meeting Chian and JQ in Straits Quay. Our topic nowadays were about jobs, plans etc. Topics that are more serious than what we talked 5 years ago. I wonder 7 years later will our topics be about kids, families etc?

Anyway, I have started to apply jobs. Hopefully I can get one that I like!

My real life is going to start soon! A bit nervous, but looking forward to it as well XD