Sherril's favourite quote....

" that we can do great things in future"

By Dorae-ong

Thursday, February 23, 2012


I was browsing through my old photos in Facebook and I realized that I was lucky enough to have a very interesting and unforgettable university life Smile 

Yes, I miss my uni days. I miss organizing events with a bunch of very committed team mates. I miss the fun of meeting new people and working together as a team in order to make an event successful. I miss the life as a university student which my job was to study, take exams and occasionally have fun with friends Smile

There were ups and downs in my uni life, learnt many important lessons, met many different kinds of people, enhanced my skills in various aspects, and most importantly it helped me to become who I am today.

I know that no matter how much I miss being a university student, I still can’t wind the time and go back to the past. Life goes on after all, isn’t it?

But to those who are currently in university or going to enrol into a university, remember this, university life will always be one of the best experiences and memories in your life! Hence remember to cherish every moment as a university student!

About 1 more week left to my new journey of life. God knows how nervous I am now. Hopefully things will go on well. Gambate!



Sunday, February 05, 2012

Unique Penang Art Gallery 【槟岛之恋】

Dropped by Unique Penang Art Gallery today after our dinner at BBQ Plaza. This is our second visit to this lovely gallery at Love Lane. Smile 


Our first visit. That was Joey behind us Smile


Unique Penang Art Gallery exhibits a range of beautifully painted drawings by Joey Lim and other little kids as well as mesmerizing photographs by Clovis Leong.

It is good to see people who are passionate with what they do are persistent in pursuing their passion, especially when they are from PenangSmile Thumbs up for both Clovis and Joey!Thumbs up

Before leaving the gallery, you can purchase a favourite postcard and choose a date to send it off. This “future postcard” concept is very special and we actually did that during our last visit in  December 2011. If not mistaken we have chosen to send off our postcards one year later, which is end of this year. Hence now our postcards are still sitting in the shelf, waiting for the big day to arrive hehe. By the way, the postcards are printed with drawings by the kids.

Today’s visit is a little bit special because there was a Brazilian girl selling handmade accessories outside the gallery. We actually went there to have a look at the accessories. Love them very much Red heart Bought a black wrist band which I thought the design is very unique while Jhu bought an orange one.



Pay a visit to this gallery if you have some time. Situated in a heritage styled house with simple and minimal decorations, the gallery is just like its name 【槟岛之恋】 Winking smile

Get going, Clovis and Joey!



Unique Penang Art Gallery 【槟岛之恋】

Address: 62, Love Lane, 10200 Penang.
Clovis Studio:



Saturday, February 04, 2012

Behind 50, Love Lane


Well to be exact, Behind 50 is actually located at Muntri Street Smile

Since last year, many little cozy cafes have mushroomed around Penang town area. Jhu found out this particular cafe named Behind 50 and thought that it should be a good idea to give Jureen a birthday surprise over there.

After working out a plan with Jureen’s bf, we set off to buy cake before reaching the cafe. We parked our car at Love Lane and walked towards Muntri Street.


Snapped a picture of these excited faces while they were discussing about the best timing to walk in and surprise the birthday girl  with her birthday cake.Open-mouthed smile

After making sure the coast is clear, we proceeded with our plan and…..


Jureen was caught by surprise! YAY! Plan succeeded!


Jureen, 你老一岁啦!Hehe XD


Happy birthday!


The lovely couple *sweet sweet*



Red heartThe girlsRed heart

So what food does this cafe offer?



I myself ordered:


Mushroom soup with its signature number 50 on top



Spaghetti Carbonara

Food was not bad and with the ambience, we had a great time chit chatting and relaxed ourselves. Thumbs up!



Now let’s take a look at the interior decor and the antique stuffs that they have in this lovely cafe.



I really really love this corner. Always wanted to do something like this for my future home Smile Photo frames corner!




For exterior decor, you will see these:


An “Open” sign which was placed on the passenger seat of an old-fashioned bicycle.



The entrance, painted in yellow



Muntri Street



Overall, we had a pleasant time dining and hanging out in Behind 50. Why not you find some day and try out this lovely place yourself? Winking smile


Behind 50

Address: Behind 50, Love Lane, 10200 Penang. (it’s actually in Muntri Street)

Business Hour: Monday – Wednesday: 6pm to 1am
                            Friday – Sunday: 6pm to 1am
                            Closes on Thursday



Thursday, February 02, 2012

<3 February <3

Officially resigned and has now started to plan my new journey Smile

These are some small lovely gifts from my colleagues Red heart



My class photo which was taken last year when the kids were still in 3 year old class.



Looking at them made me realized how much they have changed and grown up after this picture was taken. *miss them*

And for a fresh start, I did my nails by myself. Sorry if you think it is ugly because I am not professional.



Anyway, need to continue with my to-do things. I am sure this February will be a very fun month. According to one of the feng shui books, this year’s February is my best month!