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By Dorae-ong

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

<3 Taiwan <3

Hello people, greetings from Taipei!

My backpacking journey to Taiwan with friends will end soon. Have already spent 8 days here and the weather here is extremely hot!

Within these days we have travelled from north (Taoyuan桃園) -> Tainan 台南-> Kaohsiung 高雄-> Kending 墾丁and now settled down in Taipei台北.

And you know what? We actually met another 2 groups of UTAR-ians here in the hostel that we are staying in right now! 1 group from Electrical and Electronics, one group from Civil and we are from Mechatronics. What a coincidence! Haha

Anyway, gonna make sure my remaining days in Taiwan can be memorable and meaningful. Gonna miss here so much. I can officially say that......

I have indeed fallen in love with this beautiful country :)
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