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By Dorae-ong

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

1st Cupcake Baking Experience

So, 26th Sept was Kuak's birthday and I decided to do something special. Though I have a gift in mind that I wanted to give, but I am superstitious and decided not to give. Yeah call me superstitious I do not mind, it is better to prevent =)

I seriously suck when it comes to cooking and baking stuffs. But because it was his big day, I decided to bake cupcakes for him, which I have no experience in at all. Whatever haha. So planned everything with baby ong because she has oven and she also baked cupcakes for her bf.

So after our final paper on 25th, me and Shyuan followed baby ong's car to buy ingredients, "shun bian" go and have a look at her new house in Kepong. Kuak was a bit suspicious because I did not follow his car home... but I think he did not know what I was up to. Hehe

This is the shop where we bought everything from. Quite a small and packed shop.

Tadaaa~!!! All the ingredients that we needed. Cheese and chocolate were the MUST-HAVE ingredients because we are chocoholic and cheesaholic! Hehe.

Below are the steps taken to bake the cupcakes. Though the steps were simple to follow based on a cupcake baking recipe, the entire process was time consuming because baby ong's oven sot sot jor. Need more time to bake the cupcakes nicely.

#1: Measure the ingredients needed. (eg: flour, sugar, margarine etc)

Look at her. She has a new name - Butcher Shyuan

#2: Crack open the eggs according to the amount needed.

#3: Pour whatever needed into the mixture bowl. Use electric egg beater to beat the eggs and mix the mixture evenly.

#4: When the mixture is mixed evenly, it is ready to be poured into the paper cups.

#5: Place the cups with mixture onto an oven tray and arrange them nicely to maximise the space of tray.

Ready to be baked!

#6: Place the tray into the oven. Set the desired temperature and time for baking.

In the meantime.........

Shyuan and baby ong could not resist the temptation of almonds. Yucks. I am an almond hater.

We named the one on the left "songkok cupcake"

#7: Finally, the cupcakes are ready to be served!!!

As you can see, the cupcakes look slightly umm.... geli right? Like not delicious at all. I doubt they tasted good but when we tried, well I would say the double cheese cupcake was the best one. Very very nice! (but "jelat")

So in order to make them more presentable, there are more steps to be taken.

#8: Decorate your cupcakes with cream, nuts or other tiny yet colourful patterned-sugar pieces.

I decorated this with the choc mixture before putting them into oven

After baking the wordings looked like this

Lightly-fried almonds as decorations

Partially ready cupcakes

We spent whole afternoon baking 3 flavours of cupcakes - double cheese, chocolate and cappucino. Due to her oven problem, we could not finish baking the cakes in time and she had to rush to a dinner party, so we borrowed her oven and continued the baking at home.

Really tiring. Exhausted.

Because I just managed to sleep 1 hour plus the night before. But I think it was worth it since it was for him hehe.

That night before going off for his birthday celebration with his friends in Green Box at midnight, I arranged the cakes in this huge cake box and asked his friend to bring it there in another car.

Ready to be served!!!

When everyone was going to doze off in the singing room due to lack of sleep, suddenly.....

This came into the room. Nice or not?? *thumbs up for myself*

But the funny part was, he thought the cupcakes was bought by his friends.


A bit angry but aiya, how in the world was he supposed to know that it was me, baby ong and shyuan who baked them as I do not bake at all? Right?

Anyway, in the end I think he was touched but did not really show it. You know guys... they tend not to show too much of this sort of expression. Haha but really happy because I know the cakes were not too nice but he finished them =)

Could not really see my eyes anymore.

His smile proved that I was successful!

His gang of friends

So, what should I give him next as gift?

Definitely not cakes anymore. Not too good at it.

Must try something that I have not done before hehe.

Anyway, happy birthda again o~!!!