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By Dorae-ong

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Lie to Me

OK, since now things seem to be back to normal, I have decided to make my blog public, again ^^ People, you can view easier now so do come back more often ya!


Muahaha well I should not be happy too early because I am too certain that after my supervisor goes through it, I should need to redo my contents. Well, I do not really know exactly what should I write so yea, just wait for his feedback then only make changes.

And to celebrate that, it was mahjong and movie session again =) Played few rounds of mahjong in the afternoon before Yen Wen and Meng Chuan came over to yum cha. Was super excited after -playing because it was my first time to get 小四喜 ('sai sei hei' in cantonese)!!!

Then I continued watching "Lie to Me" with my housemates.

Lie to Me (Fox)
Tim Roth (center) and Kelli Williams (right) as the leading actor and actress

Totally fall in love with this series. It is about a man who is very professional in determining whether one is telling the truth or lying just by observing the expression on the person's face and gestures. So very often he was asked to conduct lie detection test on suspected criminals. Cool!!!! I especially love those parts when they show expressions shown by famous people and politicians around the world. Now you know what were their real emotions at that moment of time.

The truth is written all over our faces

I realized that whenever it is near to finals, somehow from somewhere me and Shyuan will pick up a new movie series and start watching them throughout my study week and exam weeks. Previously were series like Prison Break (All seasons), 24, 花样男子 (Flowers Boys) and other Hong Kong TVB series.

It is like....we just need to start watching an entire new series of movie right before finals. The timing is always so wrong =_=

And you know, once you start watching series which are as nice as Flowers Boys or Lie to Me, YOU JUST CAN'T STOP watching till the end. This is life....

Alright gonna stop here. Wanna get some real sleep and start my revision tomorrow. I am now all ready and prepared!!!! Go go go!! And Lie to Me, here I come too ^^


An escape from work!

Argh... taking a break right now. Cracked my brains whole day long for my FYP progress report and my head nearly went exploded.

In my entire life, I have never wanted to study for exam as much as I wanted to now. You know, when I was rushing for my FYP report today, how I wished I could just choose to study for finals rather than writing the damn report T_________T

Uni life was and is super hectic lately. I got to rush for assignments and report datelines. And when I have finally done with those piles of work, here comes my Final Year Project report.


The stress that I have undergone these few weeks was terrible. It went to an extent that I even dreamed about my assignment question which I did not know how to do. Lol... that was seriously bad. And then there was one day I dreamed about getting super low marks in one of my mid-terms.. 20+ / 500 marks.

Ok, I know there is no such thing as 500 full marks in any sort of mid term. But oh well, it shows how low my mark was =_= But in the end the dream was proven wrong because when I got back my test paper, it turned out ok. Thank god!

Anyway, after I hand up my FYP report and go through my presentation next week, I am still left with no time to chill and relax. Because I am now in Week 14 and next week will be my study week. I will be sitting for my 1st finals paper on 13th.

Gosh... I am so lack of time right now.

So after taking this short break, I shall continue on with my report. I have left it stranded for the past few hours. Really don't feel like touching it at all T_________T

By the way, I know I have not been updating as constantly as I have promised to... but I have really tried to blog as much as I could already. And yea I know my Project 365 is lagging behind time. Well no worries, I have taken a shot everyday, but will upload those shots when my FYP thing is over.

Ok, time to go back to work. Nitez everyone!