Sherril's favourite quote....

" that we can do great things in future"

By Dorae-ong

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sherril's Project 365: #50

Banana cheesecake, anyone? :p

I had a lovely and wonderful day :)

Did a bit of household chores and got ready for lunch. Pampered my prince charming with one of our favourite dining place. Nothing luxurious, yet very contented ♥

Then I spent the entire afternoon reading a novel which I have bought few months ago. Always love to spend some time by myself, running away from this busy world and engaged in a world of my own.

I am such an easily satisfied person. How I wish every of my Saturday can be like this.

But I know it is impossible. Therefore I cherish and savour every minute of today's time.

Hope you guys have a great weekend too~!


You say, what should I do?

I have always been wondering, what will my life be after graduation?

To be frank, I have no idea at all.

Or at least, no concrete plans except for work and travel program.

You can say I am lazy, as I do not wish to work after I graduate. Not so fast. I told my parents I want to further my studies after the work and travel program. I want to see the world, gain new exposure and experience in places other than Malaysia.

But if I were to further my studies, what should I study? Stick back to my field? Change to Business courses? Or go into something like psychology or forensic science? *sigh*

I have gave serious consideration about venturing in Computer Graphic, Imaging and Vision (CGIV) in South Korea if my application is successful. But.... I am a bit worried.

Is that suitable for me? Because I am not really interested in what I am doing now, but if I were to really go back into Engineering field, this will be my only and final choice. Serious.

I am really interested in it, but to be able to do well is another thing. I know I am worrying way too early because I have not even submitted my application and to be accepted is another thing. It depends on the professor whether he wants me or not. But based on my results, I kinda doubt la.

Haih. I spent 4 and a half years in uni yet I am still unsure about my future.

What should I do????