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By Dorae-ong

Saturday, November 06, 2010

My Deepavali Holiday in Penang

First of all I would like to apologize for not updating as frequently as I should. Well, been very busy working during the previous week. Then when I had time to rest, I started to get lazy hehe.

Anyway, I came back Penang on Thursday evening. It was a very sudden decision because initially I wanted to work during the weekend in PC Expo. But in the end friends became my priority so I came back =) My BFFs all are here so I guess I should just sacrifice and come back. Kesian Kuak alone in KL. Haha

Well before I continue, I would like to wish Jhu darling a very Happy Birthday again! Leng Lui Jhu, wish you will have a good year ahead ya =)

Now it is Yee Yee's turn.

Ah Yee!!! Thank you so much for taking the trouble to fetch me. Kamsia kamsia. You are really the best hehe. Though you "粗话连篇” during the journey, I did not mind. Love you!! *mwah*

Well if it's not because of Ah Yee, I would not have been able to meet up with the rest for dinner, yum cha and overnight. Though we were very late for dinner, but I hope you guys were not mad at us. She has really tried her best to be as early as possible. After we had Nyonya food for dinner, we headed to Zenzi Bar for girls' talk session. Erm, not entirely girls' talk la, because Kenny was there as well. Unless he wants to be jimui with us haha.

Not an alcoholic night for us because we do not really drink, except Vivi and Ah Yee. So it was good because no rashes for me, we reached home safely and everyone was conscious, just slightly sleepy.

Fernie and Kenny with our Apple Cardi

As usual, Fernie talked about her recent funny incidents. This time it is about her slip in my Setapak house toilet. Kinda felt bad about that incident because initially she just wanted to borrow my toilet for some business when she went to my house. Who knows in the end she was trapped in it because the lock became loose and while we were trying to break the knob off, she accidentally slipped and hurt her back. I felt bad because I think I should have warned her about the lousy door lock of my house. Sorry fernie..... but you had fun in X-ray, didn't you? =)

Us - BFFs (I think I am starting to age, like real fast)

Slightly before 11pm, when the crowd started to pack the entire place of UPR, we left the place. Haha driver was tired and we were not really into this kind of night life. All except Vivi. So she stayed back for second round with her friends while we headed towards Ah Yee's house to overnight.

Those who were there for girls' talk session

As usual Yee's parents and sister always treat us nicely. Her da jie treated us breakfast. Then for lunch we had delicious home cooked porridge with thirst quenching watermelon juice. Really nice of them. Thank you!

Met up with Vivi around evening at Winter Warmers and had high tea with the girls and their bf's.

Chatted casually again while waiting for food. Mostly were craps. Quite in a hurry because we reached late and had to leave early. But still, we made it to meet up for the last time before we parted and back to KL. Gonna miss the girls. Really.

That's Chris on the right

In case you're wondering what we had for high tea

Fernie, you promised to bring me and Yee out in KL! So.... you better keep your promise =) Waiting to go shopping with you all!!!!!!!

Basically my Deepavali weekend went like this. Gonna stay home tomorrow to complete my script because once I am back in KL, I gotta rush for my 1st lab report. (I really feel that the subject I take this semester is something crap and non-useful) Plus, my supervisor is waiting for us to update him about our FPY progress in weekly basis.

Great. Gonna have a busy semester. Hope I can cope with it~~