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By Dorae-ong

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Unique Penang Art Gallery 【槟岛之恋】

Dropped by Unique Penang Art Gallery today after our dinner at BBQ Plaza. This is our second visit to this lovely gallery at Love Lane. Smile 


Our first visit. That was Joey behind us Smile


Unique Penang Art Gallery exhibits a range of beautifully painted drawings by Joey Lim and other little kids as well as mesmerizing photographs by Clovis Leong.

It is good to see people who are passionate with what they do are persistent in pursuing their passion, especially when they are from PenangSmile Thumbs up for both Clovis and Joey!Thumbs up

Before leaving the gallery, you can purchase a favourite postcard and choose a date to send it off. This “future postcard” concept is very special and we actually did that during our last visit in  December 2011. If not mistaken we have chosen to send off our postcards one year later, which is end of this year. Hence now our postcards are still sitting in the shelf, waiting for the big day to arrive hehe. By the way, the postcards are printed with drawings by the kids.

Today’s visit is a little bit special because there was a Brazilian girl selling handmade accessories outside the gallery. We actually went there to have a look at the accessories. Love them very much Red heart Bought a black wrist band which I thought the design is very unique while Jhu bought an orange one.



Pay a visit to this gallery if you have some time. Situated in a heritage styled house with simple and minimal decorations, the gallery is just like its name 【槟岛之恋】 Winking smile

Get going, Clovis and Joey!



Unique Penang Art Gallery 【槟岛之恋】

Address: 62, Love Lane, 10200 Penang.
Clovis Studio: