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Wednesday, April 25, 2012











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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Sunrise at Rarangi Beach, Blenheim

5 of us (me, Shyuan, Chian, Kai Li & Min) woke up at 5am to prepare and have our breakfast, before setting off at about 6am to Rarangi Beach which was about 15 minutes drive from our hostel.

It was just our guess that we could watch sunrise at the beach, since the day before we saw sunset on the other side (we know our geography well Open-mouthed smile).

Was cold like mad when we went down the car. But watching the sky from breaking dawn to sunrise was definitely rewarding. Really indeed.

6.15am: Breaking dawn view from Monkey Bay 


The sky is nice, isn’t it? This sunrise view is way better than the one we watched at Teluk Tempoyak. I think I did not blog about it but you can go to my friend’s blog – Jhu.


After hour of waiting, when we thought we were on the wrong side, suddenly we saw the “little egg” rising up. YAY!

The moment that we waited for!

Snapped many many shots of the sunrise in various angles. But I guess if we were busy taking photos, trying to capture the best angle, we could have actually easily forgotten our main objective, which was to enjoy the process of sunrise.

Sometimes, watching with our naked eye is way better than capturing the moment with our camera. The feeling is very different. Not sure if you agree with me Smile

sunrise sequence
Watching the sun rising slowly 

I Red heart the picture below very much. There was a moment whereby the birds flew by the sea during sunrise, the view was just so…perfect!



I prefer the sand of Batu Feringghi beach, though 

That’s me of course 

A picture of the 5 girls

Had a wonderful time watching the sunrise. If I can have dim sum after watching would be better haha. Yeah, I am starting to miss Penang food. Damn it.

Till here. Gonna start work  soon. Probably will not be able to update for quite some time.