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" that we can do great things in future"

By Dorae-ong

Sunday, April 03, 2011

I MUST Survive!!!

#1: My tutorial group
(picture credited to Shyuan)
#2: With the entire MH final semester students
(my group is in green)
(picture credited to Shangqian)

Don't all of us look happy in these pictures? These are probably my last pictures with most of them.
Yeah everyone was happy when taking these pre-graduation photos. It was as though we have already graduated. But the fact is, we haven't. And there are still so many things to go through before we are able to graduate on time.
What worries me the most is still my fyp. What my advisor told us really pressured me a lot. What if we really can't get the desired result and we fail this subject? I am not being negative, but my coursemate told us there were such cases under my supervisor.
Upcoming will be 2 critical weeks which we have to complete our fyp nicely with well-written thesis. Besides that, I have 1 test, 1 lab report and 1 major assignment to hand in as well.
Great. Let's hope that this shall my the last time I'll get this mad busy and there will be NO MORE such thing in future after this semester. Which means, I MUST GRADUATE!!!
Gambate to myself! I really must gambate!