Sherril's favourite quote....

" that we can do great things in future"

By Dorae-ong

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I thought I could wake up with a better mood since after my bad mood after exam, the funny movies that I watched did lighten my mood. But I did not. I woke up by having the feeling to yell at everyone.

I really hate it when I prepare hard for exam, I came out from the exam hall not knowing how to answer them. I know I am not pro like my friends and I need to put more effort in understanding, and trust me I did do that. Almost everytime I went in with a smile and confidence, flipped through the papers with a smile thinking that I could still manage to answer most of them, but when I started to answer, I found out that it was totally the other way round. Why the hell it has to be that way everytime?


I have disappointed myself as well as my parents. I could feel the pressure again. I told myself I have to maintain my grades as I am just left with 2 semesters and I am done for my degree. Is it so hard to do? If I were to fail right now in my final year, that would be terrible.

And I guess the other reason for me to wake up with bad mood because my dreams symptoms are back and I hate them! I was already lacking sleep but whenever I slept, the dreams would happen. Why they have to come back and bug me at this kind of time?


I must find something to do that can make me feel better. I want my day to be fine. I need some good food. I need a walk. I need jokes. Anyone?