Sherril's favourite quote....

" that we can do great things in future"

By Dorae-ong

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Day That Reminds Me I Am Getting Older

Yes! I am back in Penang! FINALLY!

Ever since CNY holidays, in these 7 months, I just came back for 2 days as I spent most of my previous sem break in Kampar. Really tooooo short. This time I shall make sure I stay longer before going back to continue on with my FYP =)

Just reached this morning and I thought this whole week I shall just stay at home and be a good girl since I rarely come back. But as I woke up at noon, juniors from Kampar called and said they were at Penang. So, I ended up spending my afternoon with them together with Shyuan.

They lost their way when they wanted to go Butterfly Farm and ended up at Botanical Gardens. When we reached there to find them, we just realized that Botanical Gardens is under construction. So outdated of us =_=

Anyway we took them to Toy Museum before heading to Gurney Plaza. Well as a Penangite, I haven't been there before. And I think most Penangites will not go there as well because feedbacks from most of the people who went there were "nothing to see eh". So, this was my 1st visit since they were interested :p

Well pictures will definitely give a better picture of Toy Museum. You can think twice again whether you wanna visit again or not. I can just say that, 1 time is enough. But when you are inside, I can assure you that you will think back your childhood days and realized how old you have grown haha.

Like this one, I thought back those days when I used to play Tomb Raider computer game. It was one of my favourite game. Argh those days....

Some of my all time favourite cartoon shows

When we were kids, we used to watch the same cartoon over and over again no matter how many episodes it had, isn't it? How would we do that, I wonder? And until I was in high school, I still watch Tom and Jerry every night before going tuition. Haha childish of me.

Until now, I still love to watch fairy tales and cartoon movies. Maybe because they remind me of my childhood days. I am glad that I had a pleasant childhood. 还好我有童年 =)

Favourite comics when I was young

Do you know them?

I am a crazy fan of Harry Potter

Not a very Avatar fan, though I love the movie

For Malaysians like us who are MyCard holders, the entrance fee for an adult is RM10. Well, may be a bit expensive but the miniatures inside there are seriously a huge investment. So... the price is like that lo.

After seeing soooo many different toys, we headed to GP and yum cha at McD because shyuan and I wanted to eat ice-cream. Temptations can really kill my diet plan lol.

As we ate and chatted, suddenly.....

I heard "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you................................" and I was presented with a cute piece of cake with a lighted candle on it.

I was surprised. Stunned. Overjoyed. Touched.

Never cross my mind that this is going to happen because my birthday is like 2 weeks later. This is sooo early! Thanks people =) Really sweet of you guys! ♥♥

This is my 1st 22nd birthday celebration. And my god! This reminds me that I am going to turn 22 in 2 weeks time! So sad, no more sweet 18 or at least sweet 21 =( Getting older day by day d....

Thank you, everyone!

Sherril's Project 365: #38

Little kids love fairy tales because the stories always have happy ending. But do our real lives have happy endings?

We can never predict the future, yet we can always make our life contented and happy. Everything is in our hands. I believe in myself, but I do believe in fate and luck as well. But to me, if we never work hard, fate will never help us and luck will not be around us.

Should work harder in the remaining semester. After that.... I will see how my life plan goes on. Accordingly or otherwise.