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" that we can do great things in future"

By Dorae-ong

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Sherril's Project 365: #43

Say "I LOVE Kaspersky" and get one free popcorn.

Haha because of that, I learned from Boon Cheng how to cook popcorn when I was working in Kaspersky Security Campaign in Low Yat. Ever since I was kid I have always wondered how corn can pop. And now I know, corn can really pop! It can even hurt you if you're careless!

For the entire week, I played different roles. Cooked popcorn, explained to customers how to play wind chamber, helped customers with redemption and forms filling and lastly, helped in doing sales. I was placed under Marketing department, so sales was not my main role.

See our no.1 badminton player in the picture above?

Yea I know there is nothing special about it, but that was the 1st time I saw Dato' Lee Chong Wei real in person but not in badminton court. He and Jackie Chan are both spokespersons for Kaspersky Anti-Virus. How I wish it was Jackie Chan who came hehe =)

This fair made me realize that seriously there are all sorts of people, especially customers in this world. Types that you do not believe will exist actually exist. But one the nicest person I have met was my little leader - Mr. Sunny! I bet everyone loves him.

No wonder he is from Penang. Because Penangites are very friendly, just like me! =)