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By Dorae-ong

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Stop Child Abuse

Is it abuse if there is NO violence?

A very good question by UNICEF Malaysia.

Often we relate child abuse to physical violence like constant beatings that cause bruises, severe injuries or even deaths. However the fact is, besides physical child abuse, actions such as emotional child abuse, sexual child abuse and even child neglect are considered as part of child abuse.

For me, I do not wish to see any form of child abuse to happen again. No matter which type it is, they must ALL BE STOPPED!


According to Conventions on the Rights of the Child (CRC), anyone under 18 years old is considered as "children". Children at anywhere are entitled to basic human rights, just like anyone else living on this planet. They should be loved, cared and respected as individuals with rights regardless of age, gender and ethnicity.

Did you know that an average of 7 children in Malaysia suffered abuse everyday in 2008, and these are only reported cases. Many more experience abuse in silence and behind closed doors.
Abuse robs a child of their dignity. It can also leave invisible scars on children, their families and society that last lifetimes, if not generations.

As you can see, the number of child abuse cases have increased to an alarming state. If no actions are taken to stop these incidents, child abuse may affect children, families and society for GENERATIONS.

It is really not easy to get over child abuse. As we know, many adults who suffered from child abuse remain deeply affected disturbed in adult life. If no proper care and support are given to them to overcome their trauma, they may end up harming their own children, repeating the tragedy of his/her own abused childhood life. This cycle may continue on for generations which causes more harm to more people.

Therefore if you ever witness any of child abuse cases or know any of them happening, please be kind enough to report to the authorities. Call 15999 to report child abuse.

If not, you can be like me. Spread the word about movement to stop child abuse and create awareness among the public.

Always remember:

A child is not responsible for the abuse that he/she suffers.

The responsibility lies solely with the offender. All children should be treated equally like any other human. They are the future leaders of our country and our world. They should be allowed to live full and healthy lives, just like us.

If you think child abuse is a very horrible thing to commit and should be stopped, you can always create awareness and spread a word about it by writing up a post titled "Stop Child Abuse". Not only you are doing your part to stop this cruel act, you may even stand a chance to win a Sony Cybershot W190.

This is the courtesy of SONY Malaysia for those who want to help out more by sharing this campaign with your readers. For more details, please click here.

Besides that, visit to raise your hand, be counted and stop child abuse now!


Do your part. Get involved to stop child abuse. Let us create a brighter future for the children!