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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dinner @ Betty’s Midwest Kitchen

Wednesday was my Final Year Project (FYP) presentation. Not sure about my performance as I could answer some of the questions by my moderator but there were some questions that I could not answer. Hopefully, that was my FINAL presentation for my UNI life. I do not want to extend another sem just for that!

OK, enough of FYP. This week is supposed to be my study week as my 1st final exam paper for this sem is on next Tuesday. 3 more papers for my uni life. Seriously, I hope everything can be smooth!!!!

So after my presentation on Wednesday, I decided to meet up my babes for one last time before I move back to Penang (if things go on smoothly for finals and fyp). Hence, we went to Betty’s Midwest Kitchen in Aman Suria. Followed GPS all the way from home and finally found that lovely place Smile



Kuak and I reached first and my, the place was already packed with people! It was a weekday, yet it was full. The food should be nice, I thought.

Once we reached the place, a very diligent and polite waiter came out to serve us. We were asked to take a seat at the waiting area outside the restaurant while waiting for my friends to arrive. I would say, the service was superb, from the time we reached till we left. Thumbs up for Betty’s Midwest Kitchen!

While waiting for them to arrive,



Kuak was busy on the phone while I was busy capturing photos of the surroundings at the waiting area.





After the gang arrived, coincidently there were tables available inside the restaurant so all of us shifted inside. A very nicely decorated interior. Too bad we went at very peak hour so it was actually quite noisy. If we were to dine like 5.30pm, maybe it would better and feel more cozy.

Despite the amount of customers that flooded the place, food was served quite quickly. Another thumb up for Betty’s!



Some pictures of our food!


#1 Classical Meatloaf Thumbs up  ::  More American Favourites  (RM16.50)



#2 Pork Chop with Country Gravy     :: Pork Chops  (RM23.00)



#3 Home-Style Macaroni & Cheese    ::  Pasta Dishes  (RM15.00)



#4 Soft Ribs    ::  Grilled Pork Ribs & Belly  (RM29.50)



Tam jiak gui!



#5 Pig-in-a-blanket Thumbs up   :: Side Orders  (RM12.00)



#6 House Coleslaw    :: Side Orders   (RM5.00)


The portions of food served were quite large (maybe to me and my friends). The gravy for #1 Classical Meatloaf and #2 Pork Chop with Country Gravy was super delicious and tasty!  Heard that Classical Meatloaf is one of their specialities. No wonder Open-mouthed smile

Now for some interior pictures. Not much taken because camera battery went dead quite soon.









And lastly, a group picture with my besties!



Well, actually that pic wasn’t taken inside the restaurant. We could not hang around too long in it because there were still many people outside waiting to be seated. So to be considerate, we left after finishing our dinner and went to a nearby mamak to continue chatting. This pic was taken at the mamak named “Original KAYU”. How original I wonder?

Anyway, that’s all. Maybe one day you guys can try out this place. Really a nice place with nice food and good service. But please, make a reservation (can be done online) first before going to ensure that you have a place when you reach!


Betty’s Midwest Kitchen

Opening Hours:
Monday (closed)
Tuesday – Sunday (11.30am – 3pm)
Tuesday – Sunday (5.30pm – 10pm)
Last order (9.30pm)

A-G-40, Jalan PJU 1/43, Aman Suria Damansara, 47410 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Tel. no.:

For more information:
Click here