Sherril's favourite quote....

" that we can do great things in future"

By Dorae-ong

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Insane . Me .

Nowadays, I do not tear so easily anymore. Should I say I have become tougher? Or am I just hiding my emotions, trying not to make matter worse?

Whatever it is, I just know that no matter how well I control my emotions and tears, deep inside myself I am yelling and crying like hell.

Insane, right?

But there are times that you know you should just keep your mouth shut rather than expressing your true feelings. And that was exactly how I felt whenever things like that happened. Shut my mouth up and try very hard to ignore the hard feelings I was feeling and just move on with a bright smile.

Guess I was doing pretty well most of the time because when I put on the smile, I tend to forget the sadness and anger in me. Then things became better and no more doom days.

But somehow today the plan did not work. Guess I was just too hurt and disappointed.


Thank god rationality has taken over my feelings. So now I am back to normal, hoping tomorrow will be a better day.

And I bet it will really be a better day.

Kinda tired now. Maybe I should turn in to bed earlier.

Good night everyone!