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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Sherril's Project 365: #11

They are Tzyy and Xian

Hi everyone, let me introduce our new house members. Their names are Tzyy (pronounced as tze) and Xian XD

The names were given by my housemate because the owner of the tortoises is Tzyy Shyuan, my beloved cousin =) The tortoises were present from my cousremates in replacement of her hamsters.

Though we no longer have hamsters to play with, now we can bully her tortoises. Yay!!!

Hopefully, they can survive till she graduates =)


Goodbye, Hua Loong!

He, is the main character of this post. His name is Hua Loong.

I am not very close to Hua Loong, but he was once a frequent visitor to our house in the previous semesters. Back then he used to come over to do maths as our maths whiz was there to help him. According to him, if he stayed at home, he would never study but DOTA whole day. Well, that's true. So we thought, why not allow him to come since he was always quiet while doing homework? Plus, he always brought over nice movies ^^

My 1st impression towards this guy was - he was very lansi. But as you get to know him better you will know that he just acts cool. Haha... do not be fooled by his outlook lol. He may not be very good in studies, but he is seriously very good in singing. Many of us think that he should just enter the music industry, but his family does not support his interest. So... too bad la.

Today was his last day in KL. 9 of us in 2 cars sent him off to LCCT.

Guess who is the driver?

He took AirAsia back to Miri, together with his sister.

Took lots of photos before he checked in. Just realized I have not taken much photos with him though we did hang out with that bunch of friends for numerous times.

With the main character

The Penang girls who sent him off!

KF dropped tears when Hua Loong checked in. Guess he felt really sad as Hua Loong is his best friend in uni, despite what has happened between them 1 semester ago.

Anyway, he will be back next year, most probably after CNY. If not I think this should be the last time I could see him before I graduate. Hope that he can do better in TARC when he comes back next year. Gambate!

After seeing him off, we went Serdang to have our dinner.

Ordered the usual affordable dishes and started eating hungrily. Before that, we have snacked 4 packets of chips in the car. Really, we were too hungry.

5 dishes and 1 soup

Upon completing this meal, the mischievious guys forced Ah Lai who dislikes vege to eat the vegetables. Kesiannya....

After footing the bill, we strolled over to "The Heritage", which is a building opposite The Mines shopping center.

Quite a nice place, but too bad it was dark at night and I could not see the lake well. Heard from them that the water is clear and there are even swans on it!

Before heading home, we took a group photo of our housemates. Unfortunately, Chian was not in the picture because when we went out of house, she was still working. Sorry ah Chian!

If you really want to be in the pic, we can always tag you as the froggie.... so how, Chian? Want to be in the pic? XD