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" that we can do great things in future"

By Dorae-ong

Monday, September 06, 2010

Sherril's Project 365 (5 massive updates Part 2)

Sherril's Project 365: #28

Date: 21.08.2010

Today is my friends' convo! Was super excited and happy, yet tired and sad.

Excited and happy because I have many friends who graduated. Spent amount of time searching for the nicest and cheapest flowers and doing gifts for xia xiang friends. They really deserve them.

But as I attended both sessions (morning and afternoon), it was super exhausting. We were crazily taking photos under the hot sun. Juniors from kampar went there as well and did some 'fan club' cardboards for my xia xiang friends. Everything was very out of control. I even heard that my friend was being thrown up to the air =S

The entire day was great with all those meeting ups with friends, friends' parents, photo takings and etc. But somehow I went home with a bit of sadness in me.

Convocation will most probably be the last time where all of us still can meet together. After this, I guess it is quite hard for us to gather in such a big gang anymore as we are in different places working, studying or rotting at home.

I know I will miss everyone of them.... you guys must take care! All the best!!!

Chian: Do not overstress yourself in work. We are worried!

Miss Yau: You don't always play with paint while working k? You Japanese boss will not like it.

Yenwen, Fei and Gim Wei: Hope you will get a job in Singapore. The effort that you put in to find job will be fruitful. Remember to miss me!

Yew: Still can't find a job? Put more efforts ba... and do not liu lang anymore!!!

Keat: Do not fool around in your company. Bei sam gei zou gong!

Uncle Chua: When you are being offered your dream job in black and white, remember to inform everyone. We want ang pow from you =)

Shu Jun: Do not move around too much and rest more, before you start work.



Sherril's Project 365: #29

Date: 22.08.2010

Shyuan, HAPPY 22nd BIRTHDAY!!!!

You are someone special in my life who has been with me almost in my entire life. A great cousin, a great friend, a great roommate, a great coursemate, a great group mate....

Whatever I want to say I have already written down in the card. But what I have not told you is, some decisions in our life that we made will surely attract many negative opinions and comments. But if you think what you did was right and you have carefully considered the consequences of the decision, then just go ahead with it. One day those people will know and understand you.

This 22nd birthday will be one of your memorable birthdays, isn't it? May all your birthday wishes come true =)



Sherril's Project 365: #30

Date: 23.08.2010

Gifts from Kampar

Those are gifts from juniors in Kampar. They made these gifts for each and everyone of us (coordinators). Thank you guys!

Ever since high school, I have a reputation of being very strict and fierce among my girl guides and rangers juniors. You know I have that significant BLACK FACE when I do not smile. So without exception this time I had the same reputation among these juniors. Plus, at times I was forced to play the bad guy's role because I have the talent to be one ^^

People may hate me for my face but I think sometimes this black face helps a lot in some ways. I do not purposely make that expression if needed. But if I am seriously pissed off with someone, I will always show that kind of face to let that person know I am pissed and please do not come near me. And you know, this works!

Anyway I do not really care whether people hate me for my face or not. All I know is despite my face mask, they know exactly what kind of person am I. I may look scary at times, but it is just the way my face looks when I am not smiling or emo-ing.

Ok enough of face saying. I will show more my charming smile next time. I know you all will love it =)



Sherril's Project 365: #31

Date: 24.08.2010

Happy Birthday, girls!

Another birthday celebration for Shyuan and Chian by my housemates and I. August is really a busy month, as I am always busy celebrating birthdays for my friends! Too many August babies!!

This may be just a simple celebration with donuts bought from Big Apple, but girls I know you know that we put in lots of love in this celebration. That was why the donuts tasted sweet, didn''t they?

Happy 22nd birthday, my dear darlings!!



Sherril's Project 365: #32

Date: 25.08.2010

For you, darling!

Happy birthday!
Selamat Hari Jadi!
Sang Yat Fai Lok!
Seh Jit Kuai Lok!
Tanjoubi omedetou!
Saengil chukha hamnida!

Hopefully the presents will be useful to you, my dear =)

A new year ahead for you, and I am sure you can find a better job and work happier. Waiting for your good news! In the meantime, take care of yourself and do not overstress yourself...

Lot of love and hugs from B67 ^^



Sherril's Project 365: #33

Date: 26.08.2010

What can you see?

People, what can you see in the picture above?

I was so damn angry when I saw this.

After completing my assignment 15 mins before dateline, I thought of going out to my balcony to sip a bit of fresh air. You know, sitting more than 12 hours in front my computer typing and editing continuously was really really really torturing.

As I stretched myself and inhaled the 1st breath of fresh air, suddenly I noticed white things flying down from the apartment opposite.

When I strained my eyes to look carefully, I realized the white things were papers. It was a boy from the top floor throwing papers down!!!

When he was done with that stack of paper, I though ok he should stop throwing. But damn it, he went in to the living room and took out another stack to throw. And this process was repeated until papers were strewn everywhere and someone yelled "WOOOIIII!!!!!!!".

Wahlau, really I wonder, did the parents teach him not to do so? Were the parents at home at that time and were aware of his behaviour?

Seriously, I cannot stand people littering everywhere, especially actions like this.

Hopefully, he will be taught not to do so anymore. If not, maybe next time I will yell from my balcony.



Sherril's Project 365: #34

Date: 27.08.2010

Mahjong time!

Was stressed like mad for the last few days, so since we have handed up our assignment, we played mahjong again. Addicted to it already....

For me mahjong isn't just a gambling game, but something more than that. While playing, my brain needs to turn very fast. I need to know what sort of formation I should do; what I should take and what I should not take; how many types of combinations are possible with what I have in hands?

Most of the times, I am a bit slow when it comes to combinations, especially when I have few 'fei'. But undoubtedly I have improved tremendously in playing a 3-person mahjong game. Before this semester, I do not know how to play 3-person mahjong because I do not know how to count "fan" and was always lazy to memorize. But now, aha... the "fan" is as easy as water for me ^^

So that is why sometimes not all games are bad for us. At least some of them still bring benefits to us, just that maybe the amount is not that much.

But who cares? We just want to relax ma before studying for finals. Is that right, mahjong kaki's of my house?



Sherril's Project 365: #35

Date: 28.08.2010

Always on the top of the world and be the most outstanding among everyone!

Chian, your convo bear is super cute so I decided to take some pictures of it.

I hope that one day you can be at the top like your bear, overseeing the world and be the most outstanding lady among everyone.

I know you can do it. And you know you can do it.

Do not give up. TOU will always be with you no matter what!