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" that we can do great things in future"

By Dorae-ong

Friday, September 03, 2010

Sherril's Project 365 (5 massive updates Part 1)

Sherril's Project 365: #23

Date: 16.08.2010

One of my love

When I was young, my parents signed me up for various types of classes. I attended art classes, piano classes, swimming classes, tennis lessons etc. I was considered very very lucky because I got to learn many things besides going to school, and was pretty good in some of them.

But sometimes I was bad enough to waste my parents effort. You know as a kid, or even now that I am already 22 years old, I tend to be very lazy. Undoubtedly I have passion in these fields, yet I was lazy to attend classes. Many of the times I simply wasted my time in classes.

But to think back, I miss those times. I miss what I really love to do. Ever since I came to KL, somehow I do not do any of them anymore. My skills are all worn out.

I wish I get to continue on with what I love. Those equipment and stuffs are still nicely placed in their places. When I graduate and go home, I will make sure that I do so. So Mum, please do not sell off my piano. I will cry like hell ^^



Sherril's Project 365: #24

Date: 17.08.2010

Housemate's Rubik's Cubes collection

Sometimes I wonder, am I qualified to be an engineer? Do I have the brains needed by an engineer? Do I have the positive attitude needed by an engineer?

To be truthful, I doubt so.

This is not a post about regretting my choice of study. Just that after all these years in university, I wonder when I graduate, am I really qualified?

Results to me is not everything. I may not get superb results but at least my results are still ok. However compared to some who do not excel in finals, they are brilliant in practical. This is something that I wanted to achieve but fail.

Maybe it is my attitude that fails me. Maybe it is due to other factors.

But whatever it is, I hope that by the end of my final year in university as an engineering student, I can achieve something academically as I have done enough in co-curriculum wise. Hopefully, my final year project will be a huge leap for me and will lead me to the path that I want in future.

But before achieving something big, at least I must know how to play a Rubik's Cube. You know, I feel ashamed that given that I am an engineering student who should have brains that think fast, but until now I still fail to complete an easy one.

It remains as a challenge to me. A challenge that must be completed!



Sherril's Project 365: #25

Date: 18.08.2010

Froggies in Shyuan's pants

I do not know why, but these two froggies remind me about my brother and I.

We used to play and fool around when we were still kids, but when he entered high school, things changed. After that we were like deadliest enemies, always calling each other with awful nicknames. I think my parents had bad headaches at that time just to control us.

I can still remember, back then when we still shared the same bedroom, nearly every night I would not go to sleep without complaining to my mum about my brother. I would just need to go downstairs, make report to my mum and then reluctantly went to bed.

Haha seriously, how come we became so distant at that time? But when he went overseas to study, only then I wished he could rather just stay at home. I would not mind to quarrel or fight with him. Ironic.

But luckily things changed after he went there. Maybe because I was also no longer a kid. Truly grateful for that. I hope that he will come back next year.. all of us miss him.

So, anyone of you who went through the same thing as me?



Sherril's Project 365: #26

Date: 19.08.2010

Casual gifts for the 12 of them

Eh people, even how much you do not like this gift, you MUST keep it ya. We did only 12 of them, and if you guys were to put those 12 puzzles together, they actually form 1 picture. A picture that consists 12 of you ^^

Tomorrow will be the 1st day of UTAR convocation. So before that, me and Shyuan decided to make some gifts for our friends (those who went xia xiang) Sorry guys, no flowers or cactus like Uncle Chua and Uncle Francis wanted.

No matter how we hope you all will like it la. Hehe all the best to you all.... hope to meet up soon!!



Sherril's Project 365: #27

Date: 20.08.2010

Naughty Tzyy!

Remember about the post about the 2 new tortoises in our house? Their names are Tzyy and Shyuan because their owner is my beloved cousin, Tzyy Shyuan =)

Well this Tzyy is really troublesome. Today when I came home from class, I realized Tzyy was missing. And I was super worried because if it really went missing I was freaking sure that Shyuan (cousin) will go crazy. Pity her because she just lost her hamster.

So I gathered my housemates and called for a mission to find for it. We searched high and low for it and eventually found it eating dust in some dark place.


He has a nice playground with a shallow pool to play and wander around but he chose to escape from it to somewhere dark and dusty. Some more the playground was handmade by Shyuan with styrofoam but he did not appreciate it. Naughty Tzyy indeed!

Guess he found a way to escape because after putting him back, when Shyuan came home we realized he went missing again for the 2nd time!!! But this time we were not so scared because we knew he would not be too far away from playground.

Tzyy ah Tzyy.... guai guai la...