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Monday, August 02, 2010

Sherril's Project 365: #9

Machine Vision notes

Did nothing much today except napping and studying Machine Vision. Tomorrow is MV mid term so gotta study hard. Not sure how will the questions be, but I think they will not be too easy.

All the best people!

p/s: Should really master this subject because if I really make up my mind to further my studies in engineering field, this or other related fields shall be what I will want to venture into.


Soo Yee's Belated 22nd Birthday Celebration

Soo Yee's birthday was weeks ago but we did not manage to celebrate for her because she was in Melbourne during her actual big day. So today was her belated birthday celebration. Well she did not mind as long as we celebrated for her, right babe? XD

Did not really plan a lot ahead before this day, but I did ask around for some nice dining places. In the end we decided to dine in Kissaten @ Jaya One, PJ. The food was not bad, but I like their service more. Super friendly waiters and waitresses who are always there to help you out with CHARMING smiles. Love it!

Anyway, what made this celebration a bit different from the previous ones was the cake that we gave her. Well, it might be an ordinary cake, but the wordings and decorations were actually designed by us - Me and Fernie. You gotta check this outlet out if you feel like decorating the cake yourself for your special someone =)

The name of this outlet is Pastry Culture which is located inside Tropicana City Mall. We had tons of fun decorating it. Though the deco and wordings were not perfectly done, but they looked cute and unique... the most important thing is, Yee Yee loves it very very much! Hehe.. So now let the pictures do the talking!

The name of the outlet - Pastry Culture

DIY Cakes - Decorate It Yourself

The process, from decoration-less to a lovely decorated cake!

Notice the centre picture which consists of the cake, some fruits on the left and decoration pieces on the right? Well those were provided by Pastry Culture plus 3 cream colours for us to write wordings on top of the cake. Though the items provided were like leftover sums, but still we enjoyed the process of doing it ^^
Look at the pictures below and you will know how much effort and love we put in to decorate this cake for yee yee!


Upon completing the cake, me, kuak, fernie and kenny set off to Jaya One to meet Hon Sern and Yee Yee. Altogether 3 cars. So un-environmental friendly =_=

Kissaten @ Jaya One, PJ

It was my couson who recommended this restaurant. She told me that the "Char Siew Pizza" is a must-order-food, so we ordered it. Not bad I would say, and would order again if I am going there again.

The pretty birthday girl!

The gang who celebrated with her

Oops!! Haha if Yee was to read this post, she is going to kill me for sure. To prevent that from happening, I must clarify that Yee and Hon Sern are not couple. Hehe

Vivi is missing, again..

♥♥ Mwah!! ♥♥

Yee Yee, hope that you really enjoyed this dinner with a mini celebration. It was great catching up with you guys, and I can't wait for our next gathering to come !

Once again, Yee Yee, Happy 22nd Birthday!