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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fullhouse Cafe @ Penang Times Square

full house exterior


I am sure that from the above picture, many Malaysians should know that this place is called Fullhouse Cafe Smile

Well, Fullhouse is actually a Lifestyle Store and Cafe. Inside, they do not only sell food, but also clothes, accessories, gifts etc. Once you step inside this beautifully decorated cafe, you will be instantly greeted by white-cloured walls with perfect lighting that will ease your mood almost immediately. Together with the simple and lovely decorations, the ambience is just too hard to resist.

Well, at least that was my 1st impression when I first stepped into its outlet in Ara Damansara. The decorations… I just Red heart them!

As we know, Fullhouse already has few outlets in KL and PJ area -  Ara Damansara, Sunway Giza, SS2 Mall, Sunway Pyramid and Jalan Yap Kwan Seng. And now finally it has arrived in Penang Times Square, and seemed to have attracted many Penangites Smile

Heard that now Penangites “heng” ( meaning in trend in hokkien) Fullhouse…. well, definitely not me haha.

But Kuak said since there is an outlet in Penang Times Square why not give it a try? Hmm actually I knew that he just wanted a place with nice ambience to dine with me during our date Winking smile If you ask me to go, I may be reluctant because from my past experience in KL, the food to me is just acceptable, not exceptionally delicious. What they sell is more to ambience.(like I said, that is my point of view, no offence)

But since Kuak suggested, why not? Hehe.

Fullhouse Cafe has a signature decoration that they usually place in front of the main entrance, which is a car as shown below.

fullhouse car


We were searching for this type of car inside Times Square, but what we found at the entrance was…..

fullhouse penang times square


a trishaw.

fullhouse trishaw


Haha this truly resembles Penang, doesn’t it? Smile

Anyway when I went in only then I realized there were 2 entrances, the one I went into was decorated with trishaw while the other entrance was decorated with its signature car.

Once we sat down, I quickly grabbed the menu and flipped because I was super hungry. As usual, the menu is designed in a quirky style whereby there are even comic to read at the pages behind, which involves the “cartoon characters” of Fullhouse Cafe.

full house menu


Kuak posing in front of camera, and I thought the most right picture is a bit unlike him haha.



While waiting for our food, I snapped a few pictures around.

fullhouse bar


xmas decorations




Now let’s talk about the food.



We ordered:

No.141: Wok-Sear Chicken Chop RM16.90

wok-sear chicken chop


To be on the safe side I ordered Wok-Sear Chicken Chop which I usually ordered in PJ outlet. But.. it turned out that this dish disappointed me. How to say? Erm, the portion is smaller and the chicken is a bit too hard. However undeniably the sauce is tasty.


No.144 Oven Roasted Chicken Tenderloin RM19.90

oven roasted chicken tenderloin


Kuak ordered this dish. Nothing much special and he complained that it is a bit hard. Well….. what do you say?


No.111 Forest Mushroom Soup RM8.90

forest mushroom soup


No. 701 Cappucino RM9.90



Anyway, after dining we went up 2nd floor to look at the surroundings. I really Red heart these pictures / cartoons. Should find one day and draw this type of cartoon.




The department that sells clothes and accessories.





At the same floor that we dined, we could see many little pretty items on sale.



full house interior


Now, it is time for me to wrap up my dinner at this Fullhouse Cafe.

full house food


Overall I should just say, PJ outlet left me with better impression compared to this time. If you are not too particular about food and need a place with such ambience, Fulhouse Cafe is certainly your choice!

Well, that’s all folks. See you around for more food tasting Smile




Fullhouse Lifestyle Store and Cafe (Penang outlet)

Address: 77-G-20,21,22,61,62,63,64,65, Penang Times Square, Jalan Dato Keramat, 10150 Georgetown, Penang.



Escape Gateway

The last time I took leave was for my convocation. Apart from that, I have been working non-stop, especially for the past few weeks whereby I needed to work on Saturdays as well.

Hence when it was time to clear leave I was pretty happy Smile

Daddy had to go down KL to settle some things and attend exhibition so i took the opportunity to follow my parents down to KL to collect my academic transcript. Yes, my convocation was 3 months back and I had yet to receive my transcript due to my stupid signature. LOL

Anyway, I went down KL for a mere 2 days only. TOO SHORT!!! I MISS KL SO MUCH! Crying face

Wednesday we set off at 5AM. Damn early I know. But Daddy had to reach Putrajaya early so we had no choice. Dropped by Ipoh for our favourite dim sum at -

Foh San Dim Sun Restaurant





After that we headed straight to Putrajaya. Well, Putrajaya is supposed to be one of the most important cities because all ministries are situated in there, yet the road signs in Putrajaya are LOUSY. We actually lost our way inside there.



Anyway after that we had lunch and went to collect my academic transcript at PJ campus. FINALLY I got my graduation certificate and transcript! Yay! Then in the evening I met up with Fernie to follow her back Setapak, my “2nd hometown” Smile

Had dinner with Yee, Fernie and Kenny. And wow, I just graduated half a year, and the last time I went back was 3 months and now Genting Klang is so much different with all the new shops and malls opening. They took me to Festival City for dinner at Octopus, which I had always ignored when I went to Wangsa Walk during uni days.



Coincidently, all sushi all conveyor belt were sold half price! HALF PRICE! So greatSmile with tongue out


This one is yummy Thumbs up



Salmon Maki


The Red heartly couple


Me | Ah Yee


Then it was time for some nice dessert at Sweet Hut!




This is YUMMY! Thumbs up





Ah Yee | Fernie



Red heart BESTIES Red heart




Overnighted at Fernie's house and woke up with this view. Guess where did I stay?









Genting Court @ Genting Klang

I still prefer my old house at Prima Setapak Smile Anyway, going back there really brought back so much memories to me….. Happy, Sad, Angry, Boring, Exciting etc… I MISSSSSSSSSSSS those times!

By the way, thank you babe for your generous hospitality. And Yee was kind enough to prepare hot Milo and 2 eggs for me as breakfast. Thank you my 2 babes! Red lips





Babes, I am glad as I have you guys as my bff. You girls are amazing throughout my life. After this month, we may not get to meet that often anymore…. till our missions are completed! Hehe.

Overall, I had an enjoyable trip to KL. I swear I will go down again for more catching up with uni friends as well as… SHOPPING!

Alright, that’s all for this post. More coming up! Would like to share more travelling experience with you all. Nitez!


p/s: Sorry that I could not make it to find the rest of you in KL due to time constraint. I promise I will meet up with you all the next time I go KL!