Sherril's favourite quote....

" that we can do great things in future"

By Dorae-ong

Monday, July 19, 2010


Wohoo!! Finally I am free to blog a bit. In super good mood right now. Wheeee~~~

Just sat for my 1st mid term test for this semester - Digital Control Theory. Basically I used only 1 day to study, but overall still ok =) I even went shopping with my sweetie roommate on Saturday. Haha helped her to release stress from working. Seriously, we shopped till drop!

And another good news, for me and as well for my coursemates.... my beloved cousin is back from London and Barcelona!!! Muahaha she brought back souvenirs for us, but the best part is she's back for our 1st mid term =) Without her, we can die >.<

Chocolates for chocolate lovers like me~!!!!

♥ Toblerone ♥

Lil cute snowmen chocolate

Orange chocolate -Whack & Unwrap- (Before)

Saw the wrapping with wordings "Whack & Unwrap"? Yea, we are supposed to whack this orange-alike chocolate first before unwrapping it and eat.

So we did what was stated in the instructions and tadaa~~~! Here's the chocolate!!

Peeled-orange-alike chocolate (After)

When we unwrapped it, we could even smell the orange smell. Muahaha... by the way, we did not whack the chocolate la, not so stupid. Actually once we unwrapped it, it was already in 'peeled' shape =)

I ♥ being a chocoholic!

And being super good friends with me, of course she bought something special for me and baby ong, which suit both of us very well.

My "special" souvenir ♥♥♥

And baby ong's:

"I've shopped all my life but still have nothing to wear"

We are typical girls, aren't we? ^^